Ok.. As is frequently documented, my right achilles is a sack of shit. Went for my semi-regular trot up the hill, felt the twang which is normally the 'please stop Don, I'm hurting' sign. I'm now laid in bed with the usual burning sensation in my heel but it's crept up to about 2 inches from the back of my knee and it really f...ing hurts. Walking isn't an option at the mo. Advice, please


  • Have no advice but do have sympathy....sounds awful!!
  • Ice it and keep the legs elevated for 20 minutes. Repeat every two hours, or whenever is feasibly possible for the next few days.  This will get rid of any inflammation that has occurred.

    You say this is a continual problem - how did it occur in the first place? Has it been assessed by a professional?

  • I first did it in about 4 years ago whilst doing a track session in the cold, having cooled down too much before the session and have had trouble with it about 5 times ever since.. Maybe more. I don't run as regularly as I used to, now, but still try to get out 3ish times per week for an amble.
  • Did you have the injury assessed when you first did it? Achilles problems can be tricky....

  • Yeah. Apparently the cold was the initial problem, as my calves seized. Have had issues with tight hip since then though. Legs have been measured and gait is fairly neutral.
  • Have you ever had sports massage? Or considered it? If your muscles were loosened, then maybe the problem would ease off - or you could at least see if the tight hip is causing any knock-on problems that could be constricting your gait as you are running.  It may be neutral when you start off, but as it becomes tighter it could be affecting the way you are running.....

    I have to go to bed now, but I will check back tomorrow. Hope you feel better soon DM image

  • Yep. Done that too. It's just a pain in the ass. I stretch extensively, too. Night night and cheers.
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
  • DM hope its less bleak this morning
  • a good social down at Exmouth beach, say sometime in August will do wonders for you, Devonshire guarantee!!!!image
  • anti-inflammitory pain killer???

    or else sell your achilles to a bass player so it can twang properly?

  • Don - sorry to hear that!

    Get yourself some professional help with it, or it will plague you for ever.

  • Don ever see a physio or chop your leg off it's your chose but think about it the physio might be a attractive young lady or girly man who hasn't been warned about you yet? image

    Hope it gets better mate. image

  • Cakey, Cakey, Cakey, do you think ther eis anyone remotely connected with the running community that won't have been warned about DM???

    He'll need to go abroad!image

  • How's it feeling today DM? The achilles I mean..... image

  • Sarah Connors back on track in vcatford was where I used to go when i lived in London DM - the only physio I went to down there that I thought actually knew WTF they were talking about.

    Saying this, the link to their website is now dead....... so not sure if they've moved.

    Get it sorted once and for all, get a Dr's letter to a specialist, if you've got BUPA etc then use it - use it hard! 

  • Cheers for that, will have a look into it. I've been to physios before who've just given me exercises to work on it, although that doesn't seem to stop it from twanging quite frequently.

     It feels really tight today and the burn is still there. Crap image

  • Poor you.

    Cant you get it replaced ? I saw a fascinating documentary on ITV2 the other week - this woman - Jaimie Sommers was in some kind of crash, and anyway, they ripped out most of her insides and replaced them with bionics. Its amaaaazing what they can do nowadays.
  • ((DM))

    My physio hooked me up to a vibrating machine, it helped a lot.  The injury I went to see him about  felt better tooimage

  • Couldn't we hold him by the ears and dip him in the River Styx? Or is it a bit late for that now?

    Sorry about your problem though, Don.

  • Sounds painful Don.

    On the bright side though, if you're laid up in bed, you may as well bang one out.

  • I'm in the office... Although I am on my own...image
  • Probably best to leave it alone then.
  • Now you tell me. 
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    jeezus - you're not ferked again are ya???

    tough luck mate

    go get some kevlar inserts
  • Yep, but this time I've a funny feeling I've fucked some other bits up as well. nice.
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
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