Personal Radios

Im thinking of buying a small personal radio to listen to when commuting - i miss listening to radio on the way to work now im walking/ using the bus - want something that has AM so I can listen to 5Live for news and live sport (and Euro 08 on the way home!)  - does anyone use anything they can recommend -ive been put off DAB by some bad reviews of coverage so wasnt thinking of it - more just a regular FM/AM but with good AM coverage

any suggestions?


  • Buney  I think that AM reception will be pretty rubbish if you are travelling in a built up area. I got a DAB personal radio when they first came out and would also give them a bad review for battery life and reception. I do think they have improved now though (at least on battery life) I did have a nice small Sony AM/FM radio a while ago but only listened to FM on it in the end as AM has a tendency to fade in and out I'm afraid
  • Roberts Sportsman is my radio of choice especially with LW for the cricket.  I think I paid around £25 for the last one I bought.

    My LSRs on Saturday morning are always spent with Eamon Holmes and Fighting Talk on 5 Live.  I wear the radio on my arm using the MP3 player they sell for £6 in JJB.

  • You'll probably laugh, but I brought a Tesco value personal radio for a whole £3.48 so I could listen to the cricket at Lords. Works really well considering the price, has AM and FM and small enough to fit in your pocket
  • ta folks

    hmmm may go and look in Tesco !

    i was looking at a couple of Sonys and the Roberts and dont really want to splash out on a DAB

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