why do women....

nick our bloody razors!

my missus seems to think it's ok to take my Mach3's and use it to shave her legs then shove it back into my shaving kit. i get there and the bloody things are blunt after a week. it's not like these Mach3's are cheap...grrrimage



  • hehe image that's what us girlies do.
  • would you prefer us to be hairy?!
  • I need a man - will save me a fortune
  • emsyC,

            that's what she says! i've got no comebackimage . just" why don't you buy your own razors!"... still doesn't work

  • We're just bloody lazy. There I said it.....image

    Buy her some Venus Divine and leave them in front of the Mach 3's. If she reaches them first she'll use her own - honestly! image

    Ours are expensive too and we begrudge the cash. We just think "I'll save the money for handbags/shoes and use his" image

  • venus devine? where do i get that? Ann summers?

  • the razors get bought from the joint bank account....so if I use them and blunt them, just buy some more darling image
  • is that what you tell your partner then?image

    no comeback to that one either. just no point in arguing with you lot is there?image

  • Any supermarket, you numpty!image

    Unless of course, you're looking for an excuse to go to Ann Summers, in which case, can I place my order???image

  • i'm banned for loitering with intent

    ...and whatsmore she nicks my moisturiser as well! is nothing sacred anymore
  • I'm actually going to let the side down now and say I do buy my own. But only cos I work in a supermarket so have no excuseimage
  • Mr LB has been stealing my moisturiser for YEARS. He moved onto Veet theft when he started marathon training. He has a lovely hairless chest, but I'm now bankrupt and hairy! image

    This is only payback....image

  • imageimageimage LB

    ah! so women aren't the only ones who use the moisturiser all over.

  • I had a holiday in Ibiza several years ago...there were some French guests in the same hotel. One day by the pool one of the French ladies stripped off to go for a swim...I mean totally stripped off by the pool side. She had hairy armpits and pubic hair  almost to her knees...no bikini line for the French girls...it was grossimage

    Girls...keep pinching the razors pleaseimage 

  • image

    So there you have it. French women hairy Mary's....image

    So what's with the Dutch and German BLOKES shaving their pubes off??? It doesn't look bigger if it's bald you know.....image

  • didn't you offer her yours phil?
  • erm... my ladyfriend wanted me to lop off my curls, I have denied her the opportunity...
  • LB,
    plus you nads must feel like Desperate Dans chin
    what i want to know is where do see all these naked dutch and jerry blokes?
  • I trim my beard with my ex's ladyshave.

    ying yang.

  • I tried that once, not a good idea.
  • I find it leaves me with a perfect length......
  • Travis - on the beach in Fuerteventura, playing boules!

    Puts you right off your beer, seeing their danglies flopping about while they bend down to roll the ball.....image

    Did anyone see that programme with Trinny and Susannah the other night about the Great British Bod? God did NOT make us all equal, that's for sure......image

  • just buy her nice pink ones of her own, Venus Divine I think the kit's called. Twice the price coz it's pink, o' course, but you can't win 'em all!

    serious tip - a gentleman colleague of mine who is always perfectly groomed image tells me that he buys all his Gillette Mach3 blades from Ebay. Saves looooaaaadsmunnay!

  • don't things look smaller from up above?
  • huh - I didn't ask for a green willy
  • So, are there any fellas on here brave enough to admit to waxing/shaving their bits?
  • I've had a hernia op in the past two weeks, so I was half shaved down below, thinking of doing a Bobby Charlton sweep-over to even things up.
  • LOL! (and poor you)
  • I dehair my back, in response to overwhelming public demand,,,,

    .... that's as far as it goes.

  • Nothing wrond with shaven mens bits - I mean to you lot like getting pubes stuckin your teeth
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