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Treadmill mat

I have just bought a treadmill and was wondering if it needs a mat underneath it.  It is a huge Horizon Quantum.  The person I bought it from did not have a mat under it and it says nothing about it in the handbook, but I seem to recall reading at some point that treadmills need to be on a rubber mat.


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    I guess no one uses a mat then? I haven't bothered but then I have had a blister issue so have only just done 15 mins on it today since I have had it.  I do however get a static shock from it If I touch the console whilst running.  However I get the same from the treadmills in the gym and they are on rubber mats.
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    Helenmat26Helenmat26 ✭✭✭
    I have got mine on those foam squares that lock together, but its in the garage so its on concrete, I think it just stops it banging so much. But then again I hate running on the treadmill would much rather be outside
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    Never used a mat on mine.
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    No mats on the gym ones.

    Depends on you though - a thick mat would deaden the rumble a bit ?
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    Dont have a problem with sound, it's very quiet.  Just dont want to electrocute myself.
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    Sorry to highjack the thread, but does anyone use a treadmill in the house?  How much noise do they make?  I live in a first floor maisonette and am concerned about the people below if I buy one.  It would be on carpet.
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    I use mine, but its downstairs, but I find it quite quiet considering.  If I had someone underneath me I would prob invest in some rubber mats, or the foam squares just to be considerate.
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    Right here goes!!

    I use a rubber yoga mat under mine, not for noise or because the book tells me to but to stop any oil drip's(covered base, but better to be safe then sorry) that might occur from going on carpet (in living room, and yes it is a talking point!!!) 

    would be worried about putting one upstairs or in a flat due to weight, My i-run weighs over 11 stone on its own (and is one of the smallest mills on the market) and then you need to think of your weight on top plus when running on one it makes the force of your weight something like 10 times heavier, = a hell of a lot of weight on your floorboards!!! 


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    P.S the  i- run seems quite however do have to turn enders up when using it!!!image

    and would imagine that it would be very loud for a downstairs neighbor not only the motor but the impact foot slap as well!!! 

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    ours does seem loud as we have to turn the telly mat but it is used in the living room..........It makes a nice decoration in the room but at least my hubby uses it several times a week so its not an ornament................
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    seren nos,

    Glad I'm not the only one with it in the living room!!! ours too gets used nearly every day, so it hasn't turned in to a clothes horse yet!!!  I find that the foot strike makes the noise. When I'm using it the kids (2 and 5) are asleep in bed and my hubby is studying in his office upstairs and he tells me that the only thing he can hear is the telly turned up!!!

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    I've recently purchased a treadmill too the second one, but I needn't any mats. What treadmill do you have?
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