Dangerous Dog Alert!

Hello Folks

 I am posting this here on the off-chance I might be able to track down another cyclist who like myself was out on the Eaglesham to Strathaven Road, just outside Glasgow, today and got attacked by an alsation dog near Polnoon Farm.

The dog was standing in the middle of the road and as I approached it ran at me, biting the top of my thigh. It couldnt get a decent grip and I shouted at it, so it let go. But then the little fecker rounded behind me and sunk its teeth into the back of my thigh, it has broke / grazed the skin and I have two nasty brusies but very luckily for me it did not manage to penetrate the skin deeply. I tried to carry on cycling to get away from it, and luckily a car came round the corner just at that moment giving it a fright, which I think is the only reason it let me go and I wasnt more seriously hurt.

Now, I got away, and a little further up the road met some other cyclists. i told them what had happened and they said another cyclist just ahead of me had also just been bit by the same dog at the same farm, and he had called the police on his mobile (I did not have mine with me).

When I got home I called the police and went to casualty, who cleaned the wounds up and I got a tetanus shot. The police also came round my house later and took a statement. There were 2 alsations loose in the farm courtyard, the 3rd, that bit me, was out on the road. No farmers / workies etc were about, the farm was completely dead. 

I know lots of Glasgow cyclists use that route so I'm posting this as a warning to others and to see if I can track down anyone else attacked today, or saw anything, please contact the police. That dog needs destroyed before it kills a child or seriously injures someone else.

Thank you for reading.



  • I do not trust alsations.  Was menaced by one as I walked around our local hills last summer.  Was recently menaced again by two labradors and a collie, of all things, as they were being walked (all on leads) by their owner.  The owner (luckily a strong fit bloke with arms like tree trunks told me what to do and said stand still, back up slowly and don't look at them) as he dragged them past me.  He looked so matter of fact as he did this, which made me wonder how many times a day he had to drag them off passing people!  We were passing along an entrance lane to some hills, again in my village.  I'm getting pretty sick to death of owners who have dogs they cannot control.  

    That's a terrible thing to have happened to you TP.  Hope you recover.  

  • Thanks Blondiee, I'm not too bad, just very sore. I have a lovely row of teeth marks round the back of my thigh, it got its whole mouth round the back of my muscle. I have my Northwave cycle shorts to thank for not completely ripping, and being so shiny the dog couldnt get a decent grip. That and I kept moving. If I had stopped or it had knocked me off the bike I would have been seriously hurt. It had one thing on its mind and that was attack.

    What was most outrageous is that there were 3 alsations on the loose at that farm, no collars, not chained up etc, and absolutely no human owner or farm worker anywhere to be seen. Two dogs stayed in the yard and just came out to look at what was happening when I shot past, but the other one was out in the middle of a public highway and a well-used cycle route, just attacking whatever came into 'its' territory. I can only assume all 3 dogs were not socialised and basically being used as guard dogs. It did not listen to any of my commands to 'stop' or 'get down', which usually work with me and dogs.

    Anyway, at least  the police know now, so I will check with them if anything has been done. But it makes me very wary of cycling that route again, its a single track road, high hedges each side, basically no where to go and impossible to turn round. I really hope the farmer gets prosecuted for this so nobody else has to experience this.

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