Cymmer Afan Offroad tri



  • You want me to send you my entryform and cheque? If so, e-mail me your address. can't do it until Sunday eve though, as off to Llanwrtyd Wells streigth out of work... and not back till Sunday...

  • Ok, Just mailed you. All good stuff image
  • Evening all

    Won't be up to doing a tri but will come along to support.  May consider doing it as a threesome though image

    Roman Road should be good too. So glad its on this year. 

  • I've entered this now. That's in spite of the fact that I had a crap run on Tues and a pretty crap swim last night!! I'm off out on my bike today, let's see how that goes!

  • Rhys has agreed to do the bike leg Nutty, so all you need is a swimmer now.
  • You guys doing the relay?  image

  • I'm doing the whole thing but Nutty and my mate Rhys are up for 2/3rds of a team.
  • evening all

    Great stuff WA. Anyone fancy doing the swim?  Perhaps I will ask Phil.

    Are you doing it this year Nam? 

  • Nutty - if Phil can't do it - what about Arthrawes?

    As the chips an stuff are pretty dire at the Refresh, maybe we could do a picnic piefest!

  • A picnic Pie fest sounds great Lady Sue image

    Alex, got your address now, will send you the stuff tomorrow, bring on Team Pie image image image

  • Nice one image

  • Hi everyone . . I know I don't belong in a tri thread (I think this is the first time I've ever been in one so it's a bit scary!) but . .

    I'll be passing through the area on the day of this event, kind've kicking my heels, and I could bring my camera along and take photographs if you like image

    I know I'll have to get my visa updated first though! 

  • It would be lovely to see you Rich image
  • Ohhhh, an official photographer, how scary!!! image
  • Rich isn't scary. image

    Hi Han.  image  Nice weekend?

  • Hi Nam image

    Oh he isn't is he? Tell me more about him image

    Had an ok weekend really... work yesterday and lots of gardening done, then another wet and windy fell race today. Been feeling tired though this weekend, head in the wrong place for running... bit overtrained I think image

  • Relay eh?

    Anyone want a sort-of-slow-shuffling runner to make up a team?

  • I'm sure Rich was in my FLM support group.  image
  • is there a relay in Cymmer???
  • Isnt that what prople were talking about onp revious page?


    *shuffles off in disgrace*

  • Hi Nam, thanks image and yes, I was in the most besterest Support Group of them all image

  • dunno... quite possibly... I didn't realise there was a relay... doesn't mean there isn't...

  • oh sorry, that was rude!

    Hi Hanneke, Hi Barking image

  • Barking, seems there is a relay.

    >waves at Rich<  image

  • Hi Rich

    Yeah, there does seem to be
    Slight snag of not having anyone to swim or bike though

    And I cant ride a bike
    So I am stuffed LOL
  • Hmmm, maybe Rich can ride a bike or swim?

     Ho Rich image

  • Hi I meant... my typing is all over the place tonight, I apologise image
  • For goodness sake the race is so short it's not worth doing just a bit...

    It's a traffic free country path... Even you can cycle there Barking...

  • Its 15k - miles.....

    You aint seen me try and cycle Nam

    And I still can't FC proper cos of my bad shoulder - although I have a 6 week trial membership at a local place that has a pool image

  • well in that case, I'll come along then . . and try to remember not to shout "BOO" as you whizz by image

    wouldn't want to be scary after all!!

    >waves back< 

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