on the basis that they may have shut by the time i finish, i'll be having a couple on the way round (maybe just halves).

probably wait until tThe Grapes at mile 20 before the first and then grab another somewhere along the highway.

if you'd done as little training as me, you'd know this makes sense.

Mr snoop dog - you up for it again?


  • Have a great day, Wolf. Very restrained of you to wait until 20!
    I'm spectating, see you at 18?
  • WWR - good luck for tomorrow, I seem to recall you had to pull out last minute last year, like I had to, so it's especially good to see you're going to be there. :-)
  • WWR - I remember someone offering the lady in front of me a beer at about mile 20 last year - now wondering if that was you!

    All the very best - glad you're determined to enjoy it - and getting sloshed at mile 20 (dehydration plus a small bit of alcohol gets me real quick!) seems a brilliant way of forgetting the last few miles.

    Maybe RW should suggest it....

  • good luck to everyone for tomorrow.
    wont be watching on way to old trafford to watch footie match(come on u blades)
    hope everyone gets the time they are hopein for and please pray for the blades(can see arsenal gettin 10)
  • Sorry will praying for Gunners, after Paula getting a world record now that would be a great day.

    Snoops has a lager waiting for him at mile 18, Stella.

    And Woodpecker Cider for someone else... better get my list out and see who it was for
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