Can't always get outside for a run!

I started training for the R4L in March and ran/walked the race in April.  Since then I've continued the run as I'm loving it, even more so now that I can run 5k without walking, never thought I'd see the day image

The problem I have is that I can't always get outside for a run.  I have a two year old daughter who my DH looks after when I go for a run.  Unfortunately DH often has to go away on business which means that unless my wonderful neighbour is available (we live in Scotland and all our family is in england) to babysit I can't get outside image

Does anyone have any advice on the time of stamina training I could do to help my training.  At the moment when I don't go out for a run I usually use the cross trainer we have or do a keep fit dvd (yes I know keep fit dvds aren't necessarily the best but they're greatw hen you're pushed for time or babysitters!)

 Here hoping someone can help



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