Sneezing - not drowning

Went out last night for a 7 mile run : big mistake : it was still about 28 degrees and all the grass verges and a couple of fields had just been cut - dumb or what??

Anyway what is really peculiar is that I've noticed that while I'm actually running I don't or can't sneeze. I don't know if that's adrenalin or the endorphins but I just never sneeze while I run. I do progressively overheat and my throat and chest get tighter which has its own consequences but I don't sneeze. Literally though the minute I stop running the sneezing starts. It is virtually instantaneous.

I can't believe that dehydration suppresses the sneezing as it should follow that at the end of a run I should be even more dehydrated and less likely to sneeze.

Anyone got any explanations or experienced the same thing? 


  • Yep, I run and bike early evening after work and don't sneeze at all during it, in fact, I usually feel completely fine. Once I'm finished though I usually make up for lost time and sneeze 10 to 15 times in a row (I'm not kidding), my nose starts going and my eyes feel like they need to be gouged out. There's a Hayfever thread around here somewhere in which a couple of other people find the same thing, but most people seem to start going during their run. It's a bit of a mystery really, but quite lucky in a way.

    I've just got hold of some local honey which is rumoured to help develop some sort of immunity to the pollen so I'm going to see if that can help deal with the explosion of hayfever I get after I finish.

  • My hayfever starts anytime now and I'm taking local honey as it seems to reduce the symptoms for normal activities. If I'm walking through fields I'll take meds.

    The no sneezing while running is an automatic response I think in that your body blocks the sneeze receptors while running. Similarly if you've a cough, you don't tend to cough while running. Payback time when you stop though!

    Know what you mean about multiple sneezes - if you've made a cup of tea, put it down - managed to burn myself with an explosion of violent sneezes!

  • Same here - don't have any reaction when running, then a coupla minutes after stopping, I start sneezing and get runny eyes! Infact I tweak a hamstring at the end of one run, by bending over to tie a shoe and sneezing whilst at full stretch!

    I take a hayfever tab 1st thing in the morning and am fine later on in the day when I run. I now only have to contend with the midges in the park irritating my eyes lol!
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