First race. Better than expected :)

Hi All

Just thought I share. Having been running now for 8 months I decided to run my first race today.

I was a four miler and I was hoping to not be last and be under 40 minutes.

Beat both expectations.

139th out of a field of around 220 runners. Time was 29:11.

Mile splits were
1st mile 7:17
2nd mile 7:28
3rd mile 7:31
4th mile 6:55

Been on a hight since I got home :)

I know it's nothing when compared to all the fourmites who are running the FLM tomorrow but it's a start.

Good luck to all tomorrow. Will be watching on TV.



  • Wow!!! Well done Michael. Superb time.
  • Michael it is NOT nothing! All the FLMers started somewhere. Well done!
  • Michael, that's faster splits than I did for my first race - a 4.4 miler, and I'm running London tomorrow!

    Well done :-)
  • Congrats Michael! What a fantastic time - I am envious :)

  • Well done you!! My first race is a 3k, about half the distance you did and it will probably take me about the same time for me to finish. It takes me 14 - 16 mins to run a mile at the mo, so hats off to you.
  • Cheers guys and gals

    Now have my sights set on a 5 mile race on 3rd of May,

  • Well done Micheal, and a terrific time too. Don't forget to take a couple of easy days next week to recover from your race.

    Happy running.
  • Well done Michael, thats a great first effort and an extremely good time by anyones standards.

  • Well done Michael
    A friend of mine ran his first 4 mile race in a similar time to you and is now down to sub 26 and thinks he can go faster(I think he can as well). The best way to get faster and more into running is by racing. Your splits are excellent too, they are all very similar which shows that you have god strength especially as your last mile was your fastest.
    Fair play to you and good luck with the 5 miler, are you going to try and run similar splits for the 5 mile as you ran for the 4 mile ???. I look forward to hearing how you get on.
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