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I put up a thread a little while ago, saying I was training for a half and had sore knees. Since November i've been running in Nike Structure Triax GTX+10's, having been told I overpronated. However, once I get above 20 miles a week, i get some degree of knee pain all the time (especially when my knees are bent). The pain is more noticeable in my right knee than my left.

Having had these for a healthy 6 months, I decided I needed some new ones and that I should get re-diagnosed. But before I did that, I thought i'd do an experiment. I took an old pair of Mizuno Wave Aero's with no support and ran a couple of weeks at a similar mileage in them.

With the longer runs, and the total volume I had some knee pain again, but a different feeling of knee pain. Also, it was predominantly in my left knee, leaving me rather confused. 

I've read stuff suggesting that POSE running with flats is good, but im concerned this might kill me. So the question is... do I go and buy a pair of Nike Free's and learn POSE technique? Or do I go and get some more support/motion control shoes? 

Could there be anything else that I'm doing wrong with regards to training that is causing my pain?


  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    Hi Paul

    The trouble with knees is that  there are so many reasons why they hurt, could be shoes, could be gait  could be anything

     Are you certain you overpronate, have  you had a 2nd opinion. I was told i did but found out it was only marginal, my knees were due to tight quads

    I would suggest see a physio, so they can give a diagnosis as to what the cause is  and then you should have a solution to the problem

  • I would definitely recommend fore-foot striking (although not necessarily a full-blown POSE technique) and minimalist footwear. I made the switch a few years ago after chronic (but not serious) runner's knee and lower back niggles got the better of me. I've not been injured since, and I can churn out 80+ miles per week.

    (And I can run in surf shoes that cost $8 a pop. Nice!) 

  • The only issue I have with fore-foot striking is that it makes it quite hard to run slowly.... and sometimes to all-out sprint. Have you any thoughts on this?

     I'm heavily leaning towards using Nike Free's or similar. 

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