Geneva Marathon

Has anyone run the Geneva Marathon? I was just wondering what the atmostphere, course, set up was like? Any advice would be very much welcome. Thank you.


  • I'm running this on Sunday. Anyone run it before and got any recommendations about what there is to see and do in Geneva and around there?

    Thanks a lot.


  • Err - lots of banks, a large lake with a big water jet..... 

    As far as I recall, not a very exciting city, but pleasant enough.

    If it were a few months later, you could have nipped to Chamonix for a little skiing!

  • Just back from running in the Geneva Marathon. Really enjoyed the race until I got swamped by all the Half Marathon runners, which really left me a bit delated. Thought it would have been nice to have a separate finishing funnel for the Marathon runners.

    Geneva is quite a nice place to visit, and the course was a bit boring through the city, although it is the first time I have run through a garage showroom.

    Would I do it again ..........................  probably not, .... but the weather was perfect.

  • As Wilkie said it's not a very exciting city but when you do a marathon it does hinder any sightseeing on foot before and after.

    I thought the marathon was great. The crowds that turned out and the people volunteering really made this so good. The course was fine. Nice and flat, mostly. Running through a garage showroom? Hehehehe, well more the forecourt. Yes that was strange.

    I did a PB of 3:50 and that was 7 mins quicker than the Robin Hood two weeks before so I'm very glad I went. Lots of "Allez, Ed!" was really appreciated.

    As ES said, the weather was perfect. Hardly a cloud in the sky, which normally I wouldn't want in a marathon but it wasn't really hot at all and the organisers had the good sense to start the race at 08.30, when it was quite cold but ideal for later on.

    If you can get a cheap flight, I'd recommend the marathon and maybe travel by the excellent trains to Lausanne (Olympic Museum is good) or other cities to do some sightseeing. 1-2 days in Geneva was enough for me.

  • I managed 4:27 which was a lot better than I thought after not a very good build up to the race, but I recovered well and managed to take in the sights on Monday, and as you say 1-2 days is probably enough.

    You are right about the showroom, but it did feel a little strange as I was nearly pushed into the showroom as the lead half marathon runners came by.

    The Allez, Allez was very welocme, made it feel more like the Tour De France.

    As the race moves back to May again next year, I will probably look at another alternative in September, if anyone as any ideas.

  • If you're looking for a race to do in September I can thoroughly recommend the Berlin Marathon. I ran this last year. 42,000 runners, huge amount of spectators,a great atmosphere and Haile Gebrselassie running a new world record, as he did again on Sunday.

    That's one race I'd definitely run again.


  • HI Ed_Zep and ES

     I ran the half marathon and that drag along the lake was endless especially when all the front runners are running past you on their return.  Was a little put off by all the finishing arches and didn't know which one was the finish line.

     Other than that a lovely day but a little disappointed with the 'swiss watch' prize and no goody bag.

    Stayed 4 days but not a lot to see in Geneva.  May do it again but I'll wait until my ankles recover from the endlessly flat pounding. 

  • Must agree that the finishing arches were a bit of a pain.

    The goody bag was very disappointing, I ended up with a couple of tap filters and some lip gloss(very nice). Where was the T shirt?

    There were quite a few of us doing the half and full races, and the ones running the half were also very disappointed with the watch because it has 42.195 stamped on it, and as they hadn't done the full marathon, they didn't feel as though they ought to wear it, even if the size had fit. We did get a plastic medal for finishing the full marathon, which I also thought was a bit naff (IMO).

  • The Half marathoners didn't even get a bag just a pouch with a watch in it.  When collecting number and chip, the drink and pringles would have been more beneficial after the race than before.  Ah well, I enjoyed it anyway even though it was a little too hot by the time I finished.  Can't have everything I suppose.

    May consider it if it is in May next year.  I wil be better prepared next time.

  • Sorry, when I meant we got a goody bag, I was referring to the one we got when we picked up our numbers. We didn't get another one after the race.

    Definitely changed back to May next year, so think we may look at Budapest (Octoberish I think).

  • Sounds nice.  May have a look at that one.

  • We did try it three years ago, but when we arrived the event got called off because of civil unrest, so we do have unfinished business out there.
  • Yes, I tried for Budapest in 2006 but was injured so couldn't run. Interesting city. Rather more so than Geneva. image
  • Had an email this morning stating that next years race is the 10th September, but on the website it states 10th May, so I don't know what date it is next year.
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