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About 2 months ago I began to read the chi-running book. I dont pretend to have got it sorted but am having a specific problem which I could do with some ideas on. Since last October i have run with orthotics which were properly fitted. I new I needed something as has been having problems with my left achiles, The orthotics sorted that out.

Now for the problem, since I started to change my runnig style 2 things have happened firstly my pace has increased at the same effort level so believe the book is working however the left side of my leg started ti hurt so removed the orthotics. Ran for a couple of weeks with no issues then the pain started to come back, so put them back in for a week, again fine for first couple of runs hen started again. The result of all this is Im totaly confused as to what is going on and what I should do next but because of my pace want to find an answer

Any ideas welcome



  • Aren't orthotics basically just a way of wedging your heel in to the right position. Thing is if you are going to 'chi' run you will be more running midfoot than hitting the floor with your heels.

    To my mind you need a neutral shoe with no orthotics for what you are trying to do as all this. It takes ages, as in maybe a year, to build up the right muscles if you are previously a heel striker so take it slowly. Concentrate on form rather than pace and don't be afraid to do the odd run in your old style with your orthotics if you can't do all your weeks schedule in your new gait.
  • perhaps you're going too fast?

     i learnt the hard ( and painful ) way about not going too fast.

  • I also changed my gait in line with Chi running and went from having tender inner calves to achilles tenderness.  Have to agree with Welsh alex....when you change your style you have to give the new muscles time to settle into it.  I also found increased speed with a reduction in my heart rate with this new style and am running sub 8 min miles on a regular basis now.  I've introduced some cycling to cross train whilst I get used to the new style and already the achilles is feeling better and I am able to increase my mileage again.

  • I'm in the process of converting to POSE/Chi/midfoot running and it takes much patience.  I've managed to build to 2 miles now.  image

    I have wondered about my orthotics...  At the moment I still have them in but there should be little need for my heel list and the heel and medial correction if I no longer come crashing down on my heels...  ?

  • "but there should be little need for my heel list and the heel and medial correction if I no longer come crashing down on my heels... ?"

    Yup, that's my point. You need good flexibility in the foot too and stiff shoes or orthotics will make it difficult for you.
  • Thanks all

    Agree even if im only doing a tiny bit right guess it makes sense that it will be my quads etc that will feel it. Just back from LSR and was better running than walking. Like the idea of mixing it with orthotics and as a nice by product because mine are fairly heavy makes my feet very light without them

    Fat fyes I used to be  a 9 min miler now also running at 8, trouble im having re slowing down is at my old pace the "lean" just does not work. How about you?

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