Saturday 14th June 2008

Morning all,

Big time R&R today.

What: Rest and stretching.

Why: Even Gobi is taking today off!

Last Hard: No comment

Have a great day.


  • morning all.

    Do we have the running numbers of our Comrades comrades so we can follow them on the website? 

    What: nothing
    Why: North Downs Run tomorrow
    Last hard: wednesday?
    Last rest: sunday

    I know 30km is only a short hop compared to Comrades but it's going to be a marathon for me! 

    Good luck Mike and anyone else racing today.

  • mava - I'm 39307. Not sure for sportaloo or Gobi. You should be able to search on the comrades website. Sportaloo is Johan Gouws and Gobi is ...... Mark something I think, everyone call him Gobi!
  • Thanks Trini.  I know Gobi's name.  Can't find the live website though via the site. I doubt I'll be back from NDR in time to follow you all but others I'm sure will want to.

    Sporta's number is 31637

    Gobi's number is 54718

    Have a relaxing day today. 

  • Looking on the forums it seems there will be internet tracking this year but I can't find a link to it anywhere!

  • Morning peeps.

    Yesterday's lyrics were ' Happy Birthday ! '  by Altered Images, thought thy'd be appropiate.

    Thanks you lot for all the good wishes for Birkmyre Junior. One of the pressies he got was a Timex Ironman watch and he was well pleased.

    All the best to those racing over the weekend.

    What: Steady session, dunno exacly how long.

    Why: Every little session helps.

    Last Hard : West Highland Way 2 weeks ago...

    Enjoy the wekend peeps.

  • mava - I think they activate the tracker near the start of the race
  • Morning All

    I have decided to have an easy day today . I was toying with the idea of cycling to the bush park TT and then back .

    I think that i will end up doing an easy 4/5M at some point today.

    All the best to all racers this weekend especially Gobi , Sporta and Trini at Comrades I hope you all have a brilliant time and great runs .

    Really looking forward to your reports as it is something I would love to have a go at a couple of years down the line.

  • Morning all,

    good luck Comraders!

    And everyone else racing this weekend. Seems to me that races with 'Downs Run' in the title have been of great forum interest in the past.

    Which reminds me, MICKSTA have you seen Pantman? And has anyone heard of Matt the Brum?

    Yesterday I snuck out for an easy 3 miles run. It was still in the 80s at 8.30pm, so it was a warm one. My foot is healing well I think but is quite crampy. Has anyone else had this after a SF? SiT, if you're lurking? It would be nice to hear news of you as well!

    What: supporting friend in 10k trail race; possibly hour's bike later
    Why: road to recovery.

    Good runnings all.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    All the best to the comrades and any other racers.

    2 hours pedalling earlier - I'm getting stonger at it.

    My PF scare is still improving nicely. Hope to don the trainers either today or Tomorrow.

    Managed to dilly dally so long over my NF 1/2 IM entry (waiting to see how my old back adapted to the bike) that when I tried to enter, its been closed for weeks. It didn't fill until 30th June last year !

    Oh well, need a new Tergat race now.
  • Morning

    Good luck to all those running Comrades (and all other races this weekend image)

    What- 9miles with 4 miles at HM race pace
    Why- P&D says so!

    Did my run unusually early for a Saturday as I have planned the rest of the day to be a Mum/daughter day. We're off to the hairdressers for noon and then the joy of clothes and shoe shopping image

    Gonna tour the shops to find out what sort of paint can be used on indoor wall murals also...anyone any ideas? I was thinking acrylic paint but am a bit clueless really.

  • Good luck to all those running Comrades.

    What: 10.5M
    Why: was supposed to be long run, but still feeling a bit coldy, so it was sort of "longer than short"
    Last hard: just done it
    Last rest: yesterday

    I ran with friends today, which was fun as I usually run on my own.  We did 7.5M together and then I turned right and they went straight on - my way was 2M further home than theirs!  Very nice to have company for most of the run, though.

  • Afternoon all,

    7-mile run yesterday off road as thankfully the rain held off, then gym in the evening followed by sauna and steam room.


    am: 5-miles recovery paced run , nice and easy today as I felt quiet stiff in the legs yesterday.


    Having an easy day.


    I have not seen PANTMAN personally, but he is training for some kind of 6hr endurance race around a 1k circuit somewhere. His farm is doing quiet well so im told with many pigs, chickens and goats etc! image

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    Good luck comrade runners!!

    Shirked an early run - too tired after a hectic week, so will venture out for 2hrs easy later.
    Tomorrow eldest is at track meet in Bournemouth so will try to squeeze some running in around that.

    Great weekends all

  • Good luck to the Comrades.

    Started the day with 6.5 miles whilst my bread was proving. When I got home the Mrs was surprised that I was back so early, as she was obviously expecting me to go out for a mega jaunt. Sorry to disappoint my dear. At least I sowed the seed of the second run to make up for it, and we had warm bread for breakfast. That's hedonistic.

  • When is the Comrades, I thought it was today?

    Afternoon, just about to venture back into the report-writing task (again) as it's too cold to think about going outside and they've been hanging over my head for too long image

    What: 6k in 10mins on the gymbike and then pilates
    Why: trying to keep the fitness going and flexibility
    Last hard: Tuesday's run
    Last rest: (total) Monday. Trying to do something every day, whether it be cycling to work or trotting. I'm feeling better and better each day and might be ready to run again by Tuesday.

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭


    FL - Think its tomorrow. Good luck Sporta, Trini and Gobi

    What: 5 x 600m Garmin Intervals
    Why: garmin  because i couldn't get to track, and its what Pete and Scott say
    Last Hard: Today (and that was just getting out the door

    plan was around 3 minutes a time which is close to current 5km pace but first 3 were on undulating bits, last 2 were more flat

    2:54  image I like that one

    2 minute recoveries

  • Afternoon!

    Good luck to the C racers tomorrow

    IM - I think Gobi saw MtB recently at the 100km race - I see him on Fetch - still quietly logging stunning runs (and bikes and swims)

    BR/Hilly - lovely to see you briefly this morning - sorry I didn't see you afterwards - I feel really rude - meant to invite you back for a shower and/or cuppa - sorry - if ever you're at beepy again and need somewhere to shower before heading into town, please do.

    What: BPTT in 21ish... plus some warm up and warm down miles, then 50 miles on the bike in 3 hours
    Why: The last hurrah

    Really looking forward to tomorrow - go Sportaloo, go Gobi, go old man!

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Greetings all....

    3 races today......

    1 - WCTT 20:16 a new course best for me (and I didnt push the first lap.....) V.Happy, but if I had pushed would have got a sun 20 so a tad dissapointed.

    2 - Fetch London Mile 6:00, aim was to beat jnr...... did so just by 10 secs (6:10)

    3 - 100m, I havent ran 100m since school days.... many moons ago...... thought jnr would beat me hands down..... but I beat his PB..... so got a 15.4 to his 16.9.

    Dad 2, Jnr 0...... but I doubt it will be lon before he passes me and then I'll never catch him.....

    Well fon Hollywood and all the best to the Comrades gang.

  • Cheeky booger Holly! image I resemble that remark!

    C starts at 05:30 Durban time, 11:30 tonight GMT I reckon.

  • sorry 04:30 GMT, the 11:30 is Trini time!
  • back from a v full day in N Wales....spectating, supporting, marshalling, and finally, running

    in short - a fantastic day out - what a great event the Welsh Castles Relay is

    gave it everything on my leg (leg 9, 8.6 miles Foel to Llanfair Caereinion, along A458) & apparently returned a time of 53:35....will wait to see if that's confirmed officially, cos I can't believe I could have been that fast.
    With this bug not quite out of my system, the effort's really hittting me now.  Just hope I haven't brought the bug back - again.

    More details later if I have the energy to type.....

  • Hey, that's good to hear Mike. So glad you got there - and were able to put in such a strong effort. Looking forward to the report.

    Oh, and go Comrades go!

  • Nice to meet you too Hollywood - you arrived at the start with perfect timing.  It's almost like you've done this race before...

    No need to feel rude - we set off for a further rude 5k to add to the 5k warm up for 10 for the day.  I liked the route - a good one for a TT, or indeed something like 3 x 5K @ 160-165 HR...

    However, a little multi-terrain underfoot to be ripping up pbs for me.  The previous day, as we were staying in Kew and I had a meeting in Holborn, I decided I'd jog the 5 miles into London.  Turns out it was more like 12 once I'd negotiated my way around.  But what a lovely facade Craven Cottage has!

    So today was run at around 10k effort with a short burst in the last 1k to overtake someone wearing a tri suit - needs must and everythingimage.  17:25 and a lovely run in nice surroundings.  And no cost which appeals to the `Barnsley' bit of me.

    Well done MikeS on your relay leg.  Reckon the enforced rest will have made your legs very fresh.

  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭
    Been lurking for a while, but couldn't resist noting that Hilly ran better than BR at Bushy Park, although BR ran faster.
    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Mike S - good running at the relays.  I agree with BR that your legs most probably would have been nice and fresh for the race.

    Hollywood - nice to meet you again.  Please don't feel rude, as BR says we were aiming to go around again, but thanks for the offer for the future.  Lovely place to run, it's the first time I've been there.

    What: BPTT 

    The 5k turned out to be a bit more multi terrain than I expected. About 50% was on grass and the other 50% on gravelly paths. No tarmac. Most people ran about 30 secs slower than on a road 5k.
    I ran 19:49, as opposed to 19:28 for my last road effort.

    My HR was quite low - around 158-160 for most of the run until the last 1k when I realised I'd better make an effort and it went up to 166! 2 years ago I raced a 10 miler at 165 HR and ran my best marathon at 155. This time my breathing was fine but my legs wouldn't go any faster.

    I did feel a slight burning in my chest at 1k, so maybe held back a bit because of this. If it's the case that I ran about 8bpm lower than 5k effort then I'm happy with that as it shows I should be in low 19 min shape when my chest feels better. If not then I'm puzzled as to why my HR doesn't do the `right' thing in races and why I can get a higher HR in a 10 mile race.

  • alehouse - yep might be so, but BR was not racing he was doing a tempo run as part of his training week.
  • Hello again.

    Some good "not racing" by BR and Hilly, and some really good racing by Mike S on the comeback trail.

    Just back from my second run of the day, this time I felt tired. And now for some bed, cos I need a bit now and again, and we hopefully have some comrades to track in the morning.

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