Lichfield 10K

 I'm trying to find out about a race in Lichfield, which I think is organised by the army & involves, doing 10k over pretty challenging terrain.

I thought it was this one but it isn't. Can anyone help?

Thanks John   


  • Hi John

     The Lichfield 10K is a road race and takes in a couple of hills, but I would not describe it as pretty Challenging Terrain.

     We do have Whittington Barracks just outside Lichfield, but it is changing its role and is virtually deserted at present.  There was a tough 10K race organised in January a few years ago.  That was off road and a challenging course.  It was over MOD property but organised locally.  I think they had it for a couple of years and has not been run since.

    I do not know of any other event that fits your description.


  • I just entered this one any one else on here in it?
  • Yep, I'm in along with 14 other people from work!  Looking forward to it as I haven't run it for a couple of years!

  • Just entered online

    It's a nice race, just hope it's a bit cooler this year!

  • Ive entered, third time lucky. Had to pull out the last two years because of illness. Looking forward to it image
  • Hello to all fellow runners, just entered and it is the first time ive done the lichfield 10k.

    Looking forward to it. Hopefully the weather holds!!!!

  • Anybody know if I will definitely get in if I drive all the way up from Redditch ??

  • The best thing to do is to contact the organiser tomorrow and ask how many spaces are left.

  • bout 300+ just spoke to him
  • There have beem rumours that the race is cancelled because of the weather. This is not true. We go ahead as planned. Entries are still available on the day from 9 o'clock. (Limit is 1000 and we're up to 740 as of now). Apparently another race has been called off near Derby so there might be an increased demand so best not to leave it until the last minute.

    Entries are up this year and there's only one entrance to the on site car park so leave plenty of time. We're assured that the car park has coped with the weather but if there's loads of rain overnight, who knows !!

  • I'll be in me  4x4 so will pull folk out for a fee image

    Seriously, it'll be a good day im sure, was a spectator last year and was itching to do it. Glad it will be damp too so, nice n cool.

    Have a fab run guys n gals, see ya soon.

  • Ideal conditions today for my first run in a long time.  Well organised, marshalled and a challenging course.  Realise I have some serious training to do to get ready for the Brum half.  T-shirt was certainly better last year
  • Are the results online somewhere ?
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