First race nerves!!

Hi all,I have entered a 10k race in May (sandhal castle,Wakefield)and I'm starting to get nervous already.
I'm not all that fit and run quite slow (did five miles this morning in 64 mins) and i still can't run 30 mins without my heart rate going sky.
Has any one got any advice for what i should expect on the day??I'm not bothered if I come last I just don't want to be half an hour behind every one!!


  • Hi Phil, you have plenty of time. Its okay to walk and your 5 mile run this morning is terrific. Do your longest run 2 weeks before your 10k, in which you can take walking breaks if necessary, its time on your feet that counts, then generally taper your runs with plenty of rest the two or three days before your run and you will be fine.

    All the best.
  • Hi phil,I remember back to the day before my first 10k race,i walked for 11 miles and come race day i felt great.Eat a nice pasta meal the nite before not to late mind.porridge 4 breakfast next morning to get your carbohydrates sky high.I walked twice during my race,ran quite slow and still finished in 57.54.dont worry about your time anyway just go and enjoy it.good luck,let us know how u get on.
  • You'll be fine, Phil. Honest. There'll be lots of other people there and they'll all be so friendly and chatty that you will most likely end up with company for your run.
    don't worry about having to walk, on average a jog/walk programme will take you round in 10 or 11 minutes per mile so you should be looking at about 60 minutes for the 10km.
  • Phil you will do fine. Just pick a reasonable time goal and keep to that pace (try not to get caught up in the moment and go out too quick). I usually pick someone who is going my pace and run behind them, makes a big difference when you're pacing with someone, Paula did it today.

    Wait until the second half of the race, if you feel good then re-asses your time goal. I try and finish a race legless which means really hammering home the finish and it's a great psychological benefit when you spend the whole race over taking people!!!
  • Hi Phil,you sound like me, right down to the first race nerves!.I've just entered the Great Welsh Run (5 miles) May 5th....and I can't even run for 30 mins yet.I've got 3 weeks to improve a bit & I am a bit worried about coming last, I'm not convinced I won't be, but I've been told its OK to walk/run & to concentrate on increasing the length of time out on my walk/runs, rather than going faster.And apparently if you are going to walk/run the race, its better to keep it constant i.e run 5 mins/walk 2 mins all the way, rather than overdoing the run bit at the start.When you get nervous, try thinking about how good it will feel just to finish your very first race, and about how much you have improved since you started out.(thats what I'm trying, anyway!) You say you're not very fit, but you've just done 5 miles....thats way better than me! Good luck
  • I a have only entered one race so far and that was in Liverpool last October. I was due to meet friends there but I could not find them.....I started to panic that I would have to do it on my own but in the end it all worked out fine. There is a bit of a competive feel in the air but it was so exciting....can't wait to be fit enough to run again this year.
    The thing I found was that there were so many people there different shapes and sizes and ability. I remember at the finish I little old lady sprited past me at the finish - humilating you would think but I just laughed at the whole experience...
  • Hi all

    I am new to running. I have just completed my first 5 miler in a time of 48 minutes.

    I am aching so much, I feel like i have used muscles I didn't even know I had. Can anyone give good advice on how to limit aches and pains and how many more races it usualy takes until you don't ache anymore?

  • Merle,

    Stretches before and after are a good idea, as is good solid regular training, say four runs per week. Training runs should be generally at an easier pace with the exception of speedwork. Make sure you have the right shoes by visiting a proper running shop.

    BUT....If you aren't aching after a race you haven't run to your full potential. we all feel like death at the finish, if I'm not dying I feel disappointed with my performance.
  • Phil, don't worry. 64 mins for 5 miles is perfectly respectable for someone who claims to be not all that fit.

    By the time May comes round, if you've kept on running steadily, you're probably looking at the same sort of time for the 10k (which = 6.2miles). And you'll find a lot of people coming in between 60 and 70 minutes, so you won't feel left behind.

    Trust us, we've all been there :-)

  • Looks like Phil had a great first 10K.....last May.

    Well done Merle. It will get easier.
  • Hi!

    I did my first 10k this month and you are way faster than me. Then again, most people are! (~:

    Just try and enjoy the day, just think you are definately going to set a personnal record! Wa~hey!

    Good luck to you & enjoy the training. Arn't these cold runs 'bracing'!
  • hi, i have been running for about 3 weeks- spurred on as I have a place in the London Marathon next year,. I have now entered 2 races - the first is a 10K race in November. I worry that I will be hte only beginner - and when I filled in the form and it asked how long I estimate that it would take I accidentally out 3 hours! for 10K even I will be faster than that. Any tips for the event
  • I'm doing my first 10k run in November too. I'm looking forward to it but am quite nervous. I'm hoping to finish in under 60mins.
  • My first 10K in November too-the Brighton reebok. I'm told it's a fast course, but would be stunned ot get in under an hour. Is there any tips on race etiqueete? When do I turn up? Is there somewhere to leave clothes etc.
  • Got my first ever race (10k) at the end of November (Leeds Abbey Dash). Good luck to everyone else - I'm nervous already, just looking to finish but would like to be able to do it faster than my current 70 mins over the distance........
  • Hope everyones keeping well .

    i have my first race next sunday ...

    getting the butterflies alittle....
    Hopeing the race goes okay any tips would be great....

    i just intend to try and relax,chill out 2 nights befroe and night before ... dont do anything i usually wouldnt before a run :).

    i actually ran 5 miles yesurday so it wount feel like untrodden ground for moi.(3 months in)
  • I've just entered my first 10k race in Aberystwyth for 12th Dec. Suddenly very nervous at the thought of getting lost?? even though I'm in my fourth University year in the town and part of the race goes past my house!

    Anyone else doing it?
  • Merle

    In the early days of training, I found that the following steps helped to reduce aches and pains in my legs:

    1. Do a full set of stretches after as well as before running, concentrating on holding a stretch rather than 'bouncing'.

    2. After your post-run, post-stretch shower/bath, shower your legs all over with cold (or cool at least) water for three repetition of 1 min each.

    3. If your knees are painful or prone to ache (I have had surgery on mine), elevate the leg/s and use ice packs on the affected area as soon after the run/stretch/shower as possible. Whatever you use (sports ice gel pacs from Boots etc or frozen peas), soak a tea towel under the cold tap, wring out as much as possible and then wrap pack in teatowel before moulding to knee/leg.

    After a good few weeks and with improving fitness, I found I rarely needed to do this.

  • Hi all,

    I have been training for a couple of months now and am about to take the plunge and enter my first 10k race. There is one in Ashford, Kent on 6th Feb which sounds appealing.

    I am pleased with my achievements in training and can now run for around 5 miles, and also run continuously for an hour. I haven't yet run a full 10k though - is it important to do that before racing or should I focus on continuing to build my endurance?
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