Trail shoes

I've just signed up for a batch of summer/early autumn races, and 4 of them are on trails/moorland/tracks (one race description says"undulating scenic course over tracks, rough moorland and occasional bogs"). I'm also doing the Sodbury Slog in November.

I plod in Brooks Adrenalines, but was wondering if it would be worth while to treat myself to some trail shoes for these races.

Do trail shoes come in stability/motion control etc? If I bought some for this year's races, would they be OK for next year's as well?  Do I even need trail shoes or will my current ones be fine- I'm not fussed about getting them muddy!

Any commments, thoughts anyone?


  • For Sodbury, wear your oldest 'just about to throw them out' shoes. Its so muddy no amount of grippy shoes will make any differnece, and by the end you will simply want to throw your shoes out rather than clean them.

  • Oh and you can get trail versions of the brooks adrenaline, and plenty of other support trail shoes (saucony omni trail, salomon XA, asics trabucco)
  • Cheers Nick, didn't know Brooks do trail versions of their shoes image. I was planning to get new general shoes in about September, and use my older ones for Sodbury.

    One of the trail runs I did last year b*ggered my achilles in ordinary shoes, hence my question. Lovely race though. 4 streams/rivers to cross, hills, mud where the marshalls landrover had driven them out, over hangning nettles and brambles at eye height. Branches that attacked you as you passed. At one stage I was plodding up a hill with a fab view all round the countryside and of the runners in front and behind me, and NO_ONE was running!

  • Keep an eye out for shoes which have your foot sitting closer to the floor - this keeps them much more stable. This helps with over-pronation, but is also important in helping to reduce chances of a twisted ankle.
  • It's worth having a look here as they have a lot of trail shoes and say what type of events they are suited to.
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