Nike Run London 10k

Nike are doing the Run London 10k again this year! 31st August in the evening (Sunday).

 I've already signed up (registration opened today). Looks like it's going to be big this year as they're doing it in various cities over the globe.


  • Mixed feelings...

    1) Did their race a couple of years ago.  Everything absolutely brilliant in lead up (including training sessions with online times - are they doing that this year?) and on the day.  Afterwards though I got a time that was 20 minutes faster than my actual one, and there was no way to get in touch with them and get it changed.  Since there was the whole 2 teams thing going on it's not just my personal result that's suspect, it's the whole thing.

    2) Human race V the world?  Yep, that's certainly a competition going on, but I'm sort of on the side of the world... Humans need to live in harmony with the world, or they will be destroyed.

    3) Not got past the first page as I'm getting a warning message that my computer is going to be crashed if I continue.  And no sign of a text only alternative... Typical of Nike to be all bells and whistles and no consideration for people who's computers are not brand new and high spec, or for accesibility guidlines.

  • rubbish
  • I thought it was deleted. The above was a concise version of what I was going to write.
  • Simon is that your opinion of the race or of what I've written?  If you are replying to me then your argument would be a little more impressive if it contained any, um, argument...
  • How are you supposed to get that list to stop so London can be clicked? 
  • £30 for a 10k?  Eek.  And it's in Wembley.  Wembley's far.
  • Well that's me out -  it would take forever to download the flash player at home and I can't do it at work obviously.

    Shame 'cos Wembley's right on my doorstep.

  • Yep, the scroller thing does slide by a bit fast!

    Either use your keyboard or go to the bottom and move up v v slowly!!

    Valid points Rowan bar the race against the world (it is a race after all whether the whole world do it or just london...). I'm not aiming for a pb, just hoping it will have a fun atmosphere and be a bit different... but here's hoping that it all runs smoothly!

  • I am going to echo cathyw, £30 is a lot of money for a 10k, the London Marathon is £32.  And Wembley is just a nightmare for me to get to.  I think I will give it a miss this year.
  • ShivaShiva ✭✭✭
    Well, after saying I wouldn't enter one of these again, I have entered. The nike 10k in richmond was my first race, and having been so injured for so long it feels like i'm starting again. Plus Wembley is 1 stop from me, so its so easy and convenient. So i'm in.
  • I'd say it may be worth the entry if they do the free training sessions and you can make use of them.  That was a really good part of it in previous years.  Having said that I'm not sure you had to be in the race to go to the training sessions...

    Re the Human race v the world thing, I think I'd feel fine about London V the World (or X V the World in city X), because that would be a sporting competition between people.  Human race V the World sounds like global warming, loss of habitat to growing human population, deforestation, erosion due to overfarming, etc etc.  I heard recently 1 quarter of animals have gone since the 1970's.  Don't know if that's numbers or species, but doesn't sound too good either way.  Of course I know it's not really about that, but I think it's unfortunate wording.  I don't think I want to be running around in a shirt that maybe has that on the back.

  • Sorry Rowan - was giving my opinion about the race, not your post!
  • LOL!

    It does sound tempting.  I think I might give it another go if I had £30 to throw around, but I don't!

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