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Helllo all,

Been suffering various injuries just lately and have decided to include a regular sports massage into my training schedule, just wondered if anyone could recommend any good ones in the Manchester area, have tried a couple of places up to now but still not sure if I would go back to them, need to find one I could have faith in and stick to them.



  • N or S whereabouts?

    I would whole heartedly recommend Harris and Ross after another runner on RW Forum recommended them to me.

  • Hi fanieflaps

    Thanks for the reply, I live in the south Manchester area, just had a look at the H&R website, which clinic did you go to and who did you see, what's the cost etc......... been going to Sportsmed in Stockport for a massage it's alright but it's a trainee that does it and sometimes you wonder. I would like to try out a few more and then make a choice.


  • There was a Kiwi woman based at Harris &Ross at Total Fitness in Alty and Wilmslow who works with Sale Sharks and ManUre - she was going to work with TeamNZ for the Americas Cup when i last saw her last year but she should be back now - really knows her stuff as a properly qualified Sports Massage graduate bod
  • I go to the clinics at TF Wilmslow and Altrincham.

    I couldn't say enough nice things about them, 

  • Last time I was there I got to perv at a few Sale Sharks image
  • perv!image
  • Thanks, don't think getting the chance to perv at some hairy rugby players is a good selling point to me!!! and I agree with Buney PERV, you ought to be ashamed taking advantage of some poor blokes who have injured themselves

    What treatment did you have Farnieflaps was it a massage? 

  • I have had my piriformis pummelled so much I actually swore really loudly, much to the amusement of the physio staff who could hear me outside the treatment room. 

    I remember shouting "I want my mum!" as well at one point.  imageimage

    I have has lots of problems with it from numbness in my foot, sciatica, once its seized so badly I was bent double and couldn't straighten up.  All stems from a weak core and hip.  I always found that as they treated (proper) sports people, their main priority was to get you back up and running quickly and I never felt (like I had previously with some physios) that they were getting me back to gain more money from me.

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