One Good Leg

I always seem to get injuries in my right leg (my left is always injury free)

In the last couple of yrs I've had (or still have) the following injuries in my right leg.

- Patellar Tendonitis (I wear a knee strap when run for this) - I have a swelling below the kneecap that whilst not painful is akward if I kneel down.

- Plantar fascilits (still suffer from this although it doesn't bother me when running) - I wear a splint at night to alleviate early morning stiffness

- Calf problems - pain in lower right calf

My physio who I see at least once a month and keeps me on the road (with lots of torture) thinks I have a bio-mechanical problem and I should see a podiatrist. I do incidentally have very high foot arches and also suffer from corns of the ball of my left foot in line with my big toe

Anyone else experience similar problems i.e. always having injuries in one leg whilst the other is completely fine or am I just a freak image


  • yes - mine is the same. always in my right.

    think it's because my pelvis is slightly out of line - at least osteo says that's why.  i get clunked back in again but inevitably it goes back.  i am supposed to do lots of core stability and pilates type exercises, as well as ankle stability but never do.  image

    i put up with it now.  got through a marathon with weekly visits to sports massage person.  now do much less running (25 miles in last 7 days and that's a good week) due to small child...

    i have orthotics from a podiatrist which have helped but to be honest i should just do those blessed exercises.

  • All my problems are in my left leg.

    I have no 'real' idea why, but have kind of assumed that due to playing football intensely for around 30 yrs, and being right footed, that my right leg is much stronger.

    This may be gibberish, but my constant pain in all parts of my left leg suggest it is weaker, and certainly looks smaller than my right.

    Does my nut in to be honest.

  • Interesting that because I had a similar theory - I've always played football until a few yrs ago and my right leg is definitely more developed than the left (bigger thigh muscles and if I do wobble board exercises my right leg is definitely stronger and more stable) but my problems are with the right leg....

    Maybe if I chopped of my right leg and you chopped off yours we could swap legs image

  •  You are on!!! Between us we may be able to get a decent spurt on image

  • Hi there, i heard that due to the camber of the roads if you run on them regularly it can lead to problems in the hips as one leg is at a different level to the other. It may be helpful for you to try and stay off the roads a little if possible and get on the country which will also challenge you more due to the varied terrain.

    This fits with having problems in your rihht leg as if you run on the right hand side of the road it often slopes downwards towards the kerb, therefore placing more stress on your right leg.

    Hope this helps image

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