2009 Halstead & Essex Marathon

The date of next year Halstead & Essex Marathon has now been decided and it's going to be on Sunday 10 May 2009.


  • Woohoo!!!!! image  Be there with bells on!!

  • Figuratively speaking of course! image
  • No - do it with bells on kaz
  • date reserved in my diary, first one this year so 9 more then i've notched up 10 of them. Ties in well with visiting the relatives too. Said they wanted too see me more often so this and GER in peterborough gets me down twice a year.
  • Any idea when we can register to run?

  • No definite plans as yet. I fully expect it to be within the next few months though.
  • Hi Flynn

    Given the time you have between now and the race, do you think you can organise some cooler weather this time? image

  • The best I can do is suggest that you have plenty of time to get the right sort of training in ..... i.e. put a running machine in a sauna. image
  • Hi Folks,

    As past runners of this one - is it beginner friendly or more speed biased? 

    I'm kind of local, and in typical newbie fashion have an application for the FLM for '09, don't really expect to get a place, and to be honest like the look of this one more anyway!

    As a guesstimate, I should be able to manage a flat marathon in about 4 1/2 to 5 hours by that point, so 5 to 5 1/2 for a hilly one I guess.  Does that put me right at the back?  Will the stewards have gone home by then?  Will I have to get the night bus home on my own?

    Got some serious training with a decent schedule and lot's of build up races booked for most of this year until November, when I'll make the jump from a 1/2 marathon to the bigger stuff.  Hopefully see you there ...

  • Jee it's a lovely race for all abilities. My pb is 4.14 but thanks to the heat this year (and lack of training) I finished over an hour outside that and there were still people finishing after I'd had time to pick up my kit and have a shower.
  • Thanks for that Kaz, I'll put in my entry as soon as registration opens up then.  Be back to boing this thread occassionally.

    See you all there with a bit of luck and serious training...

    BTW - notice my new picture?  In my mind that's what I run like!  In reality I have the grace and speed of a hippo, with the naturally athletic looks of a cheetah!  fools the enemy every time!

  • Jee - saw the picture and fell off my chair laughing.

    I'm up for this as well - close to my parents place and should surely be ready for a marathon by then.

  • JEE - il be a first timer on this one too, and a local girl.............So, could end up on that night bus together image
  • Don't worry about getting left on the course. We never leave the course unmarshaled and you'll be well looked after.

  • Hi icclesuez,

    see you at the run probably then - i'll be the one at the back!   I've got a few more runs to concentrate on before then - couple of 10k's, a 1/2, a 15 miler, another 10k, and then a 1/2 in Mallorca in October (the tui/palma thing), which I'm really looking forward to.  Then I'll get my training geared up towards this one and see whther I could actually make it round!  Not bad seeing as I hadn't run ever until this year..


    Good to know - i meant it tongue in cheek, but always comforting to know I won't be left in a ditch all night!

  • Our trademark is having top class organisation. We do our level best to make the experience of running our race one of the best you'll get anywhere.

  • I ran this last year, I only did three weeks of real training, I know this is a bad idea, but I needed to see if my body could hold up after having an operation 6 months before, so I wasn't going for any PB's, I was 9th from last and the marshals and water stations were still open when I was going past them.

     This is the best marathon for a begineer because HRR are a really friendly bunch and the marshals and water station people are amazing, I would do this marathon over London any day, the local people are brilliant as they were out in force this year with hoses and extra water, just amazing, and some of the greatest views in Essex!!!!

    I will be doing this marathon, hopefully, for as long as I can run it, and will continue to enjoy it, hopefully I will be further away from last place!!!!!

  • How hilly is undulating??
  • There are a couple of hills at the start and at around mile 13, then there are a number of up hill rises, but nothing that is too bad, the shock to the system was at around mile 25 there is a very small grassed up hill bit, but it only lasts for about 1/4 of a mile.

    I wouldn't worry about the undulating as it's a brilliant marathon, and it will be one I will do every time I can.

  • Also I just found this on Halstead Road Runners web site, follow the link and it will open a google map veiw of the course


  • It a net 16ft downhill. Piece of cake. I did this in 2007 and am tempted again.
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    Hello there

    Have heard all good things about this one and this is a certain contender for me to do.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    This is my PB course and best ever mara.... 2006

    Have been rejected for FLM...

    In we go for a sub 3:30 @ Halstead......

  • I wilted seriously in the heat this year but nonetheless loved this race and it's now firmly in my race diary.   I discovered a couple of weeks ago that I was RRC's first lady 40-49 when I received a trophy in the post.  Given how slow I ran that day everyone must have been racing elsewhere!!! image
  • Is it a potentially pb course then? I like laps (though not too many) as it helps with the splits
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    nice one Ultra Kaz

    Orion, its undulating but not hilly, its my PB course, but not everyones cup of tea, if you look at the link at the top of the page you will see a layout of the course.

  • Was already planning this before i got my FLM rejection, just hope for a cooler day.

  • Halstead number 15 coming up for me. I wouldn't miss it for the world. I used to get "reasonable" times but I now enjoy it even more as I plod round, busting a gut not to finish last!  HRR are a smashing crowd who almost will you round with their encouragement and good humour. The event has been "adopted" by the good people of Halstead and its environs. (Every hosepipe in the area was out last year!)  The local Town Council put most other officialdom to shame by visibly and actively supporting the event. Any organisation that managed to cope, as Halstead's did, with this year's heatwave has to be commended and admired. So, forget about the hills (you won't notice them) and beginners need not be worried about finishing in the dark ( someone will be there with a lamp  if necessary!)   Just make sure you register before the limit is reached, as it surely will with the reputation this grand little run is getting. Also, I would advise those who don't live near, to get your billets booked as folk are now beginning to carry their bookings forward to the following year.

  • This Ex-Essex man has just been rejected in the overseas ballot for FLM.

    So I'm seriously thinking about the Halstead marathon (coming home!).

  • Hearing nothing but good things about this race, I'm going to get myself booked in and hope I can persuade my folks to put us up and give me lifts... image

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