Niuts in a vice

that's gotta hurt


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    tb - somewhere in internet land there are some photos of a German bloke who for some bizarre reason put a plumber's pipe clamp around his tackle and left it tightened up too much - over the ensuing days, the bits became very swollen hence he couldn't remove the clamp and the tackle started to become gangrenous..........the photos show the 4 HOUR theatre procedure to remove the clamp...

    now THAT did look as if it hurt..........

  • that  would be some photo.... i shall endeavour to find itimage
  • It made me feel sexy, m'kay.
  • decent flux seems to be required!
  • I used to work with a girl who had "spanner eyes".

    She made your nuts tighten.


    Could this be the male equivalent of the "Who can recommend a bra for my big norks" threads? 

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