Friday 20th June 2008

No more clues....

NZC - Please take car eand get well soon.

What: Yes, I'm going to run! 2 miles very easy, then abuse the hotel aquatic facilities (moved again, now in the RC in Montego Bay, very nice and very glad someone else is paying!) and then cause 50 people grief on a teambuilder. Scoobs, just over use, that's all!

Why: the running itch won't go away and everything feels good.

Last Hard: Sunday

Have an awesome day!


  • mavamava ✭✭✭

    morning all.

    I think I know the lyrics.

    NZC - hope the back eases.

    What: about to go out for 5 or 6 miles
    Why: to see how the legs are and base base base
    Last hard: walking all this week


    Back later.

  • Morning peeps.

    Get well soon NZC.

    Yesterday: 45mins relaxed.

    Why: Slowly 'rediscovering' my enjoyment of running.

    Been reading some old articles on Coe/Ovett and Cram, a wee walk down memory lane.

    Lyrics: Think so.

    Back later.

  • mavamava ✭✭✭

    Back from my run.   Gorgeous morning for a run here in Kent.  Lots of runners and cyclists out and about.,

    Did 6 miles in the end and they weren't as easy as perhaps they might have been.   I really just ran as I felt rather than constantly struggling to run slow enough to keep HR down.   So HR was 10bpm up on yesterday's run and pace was 30secs/mile faster.    Nothing is easy anyway right now as my legs are still pretty mashed from Sunday.

    Right time to get on and do some work before heading into the office...

  • morning

    yes lovely here too mava,  your recovery is well underway though after the hard time they had last weekend - what's next on the horizon? or is that too painful to think about yet!

    have a great 5k today pammie, great conditions if it doesn't et too hot

    20 mins - yes i saw the results, some great running. mike's run really was particularly outstanding when you see it in context  image

    lol at dustin running in asraight line after 2 bottles of chianti

    sharkie - don't say you didn't have a go on the bouncy castle?
    good improvisation though.
    don't underestimate the systemic shock of a tooth out. i didn't find the post care instructions they gave mrC for me till a week later....  included something about no physical exertion for 2 days etc  be careful and plenty of salt water mouth wash

    nice cycling scoobs and ironmel

    had a lovely 11 miles fairly easy yesterday.
    that was the run i went out on a week last sunday when i fell apart at 7 so feel better in the head as well as the body now.
    weekend's race plan has gone pear shaped as mrC has produced an invitation to a 30th birthday party (i didnt think we knew any 30 year olds!) on sunday lunchtime. in wolverhampton. hmphh
    can't complain really after him driving me round wales last weekend

    what - easy 5
    why - general aerobic
    last hard - 5 days
    last rest - 2 days
    lyrics - yes. and i know the montego bay one as well image

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭



    Apparently its National winking day today so....

    Thanks everyone for Birthday wishes. Mava it was indeed yesterday. AJH you were spot on. Dustin such a sweetie, if only  but it was the big 4-0

    NZC - Hope you get better soon. Look after yourself

    What: 5km in Hyde Park
    Why: its what i do
    Last Hard: sunday
    Lyrics: Think so

  • Morning all,

    Blimey will my life ever get less hectic?!? Got to try and fit 9 miles in today between rebuilding the chicken coop, re-laying the lawn (connected to the inadequate chicken coop) , making dinner for the in-laws, oh and my job too.. Sorry I can't hang around...

    What: 9 Miles
    Why: General Aerobic Running
    Last Hard: yesterday
    Last Rest: Wednesday (Unplanned but life got in teh way)

    Lyrics:  not a clue.

    Laters, happy day's y'all!

  • mavamava ✭✭✭

    clink - next race on the horizon is Dartford Half on 20th July.   It's hilly and it's usually very hot so I don't expect much from it.   It's the autumn I working towards.  Kent Coastal Marathon, followed a week later by the 80km Circuit of Kent bike ride followed 4 weeks later by Amsterdam Marathon.    I'm starting to think I ought to get the bike out and start practicing some hills.

    sharkie - yes, take care after tooth out.  A doc at work explained the body's reaction to a 'trauma' like that and said it will have an effect.

    Pammie - the big 40!  Having met you I would have put you much less!    Enjoy your 5k today. 

  • What: Standing around with one arm extended, fixed grin on face.
    Why: Marshalling at Serpie LFOTM

    clink Nice yes I AM better now run yesterday. What a pain our darling OHs can be with their demanding social calendars. How dare they disrupt our race plans. Or training plans. Or eating plans. How dare they get in the way! image

    You are dead right about the systemic shock. Same situation last year I was mad
    and did too much too soon, so have tried to be cautious. I really didn't push it yesterday, so hope I haven't set back the healing process. Still a bit sore. Takes time I guess. Ok, no more tooth talk!

    NZC Sorry you're still on the bench. Lawn mowing sounds quite arduous, or is it the sort you sit in?

    Wabo Well done on the tough race. You sneaked that in!

    Scooby And weh hey to the fastest ever hit that target on the bike.

    lyric yesterday Pictures of Lily by the Who.
    lyric today - well, yes.

  • i really hope national winking day isn't a spelling mistake

    sorry i missed your birthday pammie - hope you had a lovely day and are enjoying your youth

    FIN - oh dear - have the chickens gone missing then?

    mava - that's some autumn agenda you have planned! i see why you got your holiday out of the way early. going to be some hefty training going on - looking forward to hearing how that lot goes

    sharkie - was just about to say give pammie a big shout but then realised you'd have to shout VERY LOUDLY if that's a different park. or is it it the same park? sorry dim geographically challenged northerner question

  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    morning all

    no more clues needed trini...

    scoobs, my left leg was not happy with too many hills, glutes tight as can be, but getting better for sunday now!

    nzc, yes, hope your back eases for sure

    busy busy FINgers

    sharkie, I did sneak that in, but it sure dealt with me!

    what: rest, possibly gentle bike ride later

    why: want to be well rested for sunday's try a tri

    last hard: wed race

    last easy: yesterday

    good weekends all take care

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    clink just read your post re winking, lol!!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Morning all,

    Managed to get my car cleaned this morning, which im pleased about at the grey clouds seem to be heading my way, reckon this afternoon I could get a soaking whilst training! lol


    pm: 5.25mile easy/steady pace

    pm2: Gym session


    Aerobic endurance

  • clink - still chuckling!

    Joe - welcome to the madhouse, why not warm up for the 2010 'up' run by doing the down next year!

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    What: a few miles
    Why: any excuse
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: Tuesday

    Good to be back I think :¬0
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    clink - I had to reread that as well....
    Pammie - still a spring chicken in my book. Big year of 40s, had 7 so far this year <hic>

    What - er, probably nothing
    why - longie tomorrow

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    oh yeah got the lyrics too
  • Morning,

    Clink, lol on typo!

    What: 3k straight swim; 45+mins easy bike
    Why: rebuilding

    Good runnings all.

  • 40 minutes40 minutes ✭✭✭

    Lyrics - Yes!

    clink - Yes, Mike's a bit of a class act.  See you both next year perhaps?

    What:  Rest
    Why:  Start of 2 day taper for Torbay Half
    Last hard:  5 days
    Last rest:  3 days

  • I would love to do 2009 but I want to be sure of the training before heading out to SA. At the moment I have only run two marathons and I am not satisfied with the times I am running yet. Plus in 2010 I have the chance to catch some of the football if I take extended leave from work ( Who knows England may even be there image).

    Club 1M time trial tonight on measured road , it looks as though it could be a fast course as its flat for the first half and then downhill till just before the end when it rises slightly. Looking for about 5 1/2mins.

    Hope all Ironpeople have a great one over in Nice  

  • A'noon peeps.

    In for a nosey.

    Todays training: 45mins steady.

    Nothing to shout about, but consistency is essential at the moment for me.

    Have a good one peeps.

  • Afternoon, I should get down to some work but feeling shattered, so might go for a snooze!

    What: 6M bike to and from work and pilates later this afternoon
    Why: cross training and recovery
    Last hard: last night
    Last rest: Monday

    Lyrics: yes, not exactly music of my generation, but I got them!    image

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭


    Naughty clink image, no typo i'm afraid

    And yes Sharkie was marshalling in my race,

    Yes met up with Sharkie (great to see you again) and a few others course was slightly different due to the concert  thats  happening next week, Just the 1st km (the rest was the same) no long downhill in the 1st km. Plan was to run at a good pace  (tried to keep up with someone whos pace i knew might  carry me through to 24 something, kept her in sight for about 3km legs felt like jelly at 4km but still tried to push it . 2 sub 5 min kms the first and the last. So just the middle 3 to work on

    Split time Avg. HR
    4:52 154 (75%)
    5:06 165 (83%)
    5:09 166 (84%)
    5:10 167 (84%)
    4:56 167 (84%)

    HR not up as high as i would like  so there are assumed percentages but a max test is somewhere round the corner

    Initially i was disappointed, but 25:15 same time as last month but after a post race talk i'm satisfied. My  key race is still 2 months away so plenty of work to do and this was a no taper race

  • Well run Pammie - nice finish.

    Sharkie - ride-on mower!! I wish!! I think you are winking at me!!

    Thanks everyone for your healing vibes, but I think I'm getting quite used to being this lady of leisure. Went to the chiropractor, who said left side of lower back very stiff, a bit like concrete, right side much more flexible. Did some manipulation, but I didn't hear anything click, and he said that he'd see me next week.

    Made a lovely carrot cake with cream cheese icing and went to a friend's house for a card evening - anyone play canastta?

    It's funny. just as I'm out of action, other half is raring to go - I think he is winking at me tooimage.

    Good luck to all those racing or doing long runs this weekend.

  • Evening All

    Not a very good mile from me , really wasn't that interested. I managed 6:15ish I think it was and was barely breathing hard. I then cycled back and managed to fall off my bike image.

    All in all I have had better nights.

    <Before anyone worries I only bruised my ar*e. > 

    Nice run Pammie

  • evening

    well done Pammie

    no doesn't sound like the greatest of evenings Joe H

    q busy the last couple of days, but managed to get some mileage in. Calves still q tight but easing day by day.

    yesterday 5.5 miles at lunchtime at work in 38:15....mean HR bit high at 155
    tonight 3 miles in 20:40, varied pace from 2/3rd of a mile at sub 6:00 down to doing the last mile in 7:30

    So will be looking to have a go at Penny Lane 10K on Sunday morning.
    While the Castles relay leg last Saturday hasn't (quite) left me completely wiped out, I suspect 2 efforts of that magnitude in successive weekends will be stretching a point....we shall see.

    Clink, thanks for that comment  -not to mention the Ivor Biggun one also image

    20.....your response gave Mrs S a laugh! Those photos alas provide ample evidence that I don't do class....but I can do commitment.

    And on that note, with today's lyrics in mind, I'll just f-f-f-fade away......... 

  • Night all,

    Needless to say the 40 and 50 somethings got My Generation by The Who

    Flying home tomorrow, last 4 flights to go!

  • Hello everyone

    A good week for training - the race has definitely given me back some mojo.

    What - 10 miles
    Why - LSR and Toronto is a possibility
    Last hard - today
    Last rest - Wed
    Last lyrics - goodness knows

    In other news, we have decided that one way or the other, we are moving to Canada Aug 18th. The kids need to be in school for the new year which starts 2nd Sept. So 8 weeks to go. I will probably have to come back to finalise the house sale and serve out notice at work, but we are off. I'll still be touching base here of course.

    Have a great weekend
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