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I'm a 16st plodder who runs 10k at about 8.5m-9.0/mile.  An overpronator, I have over the last year worn Asics Gel Foundation, Brooks Beasts (did the FLM in these) and GTS8s (the latter suits me fine).  Problem with all these shoes is I start to get the aches and pains in my knees and shins which tell me I need a new pair not too much after the 200 mile mark.  Now most people say shoes should last about 400m, so I'm wondering whether I'm too hasty in discarding the old.  Or is this a function of being big boned and putting my shoes under more stress than the average ronhillalike?  Anyone faced similar probleMs?  Any ideas what shoes might prove more durable? 


  • Florian

     I think you've been replacing your shoes at the right time. I'm 11 1/2st do 7:00/mile and only get 300 miles out of them although i'm neutral and use Pegasus (because I love the fit) which are fairly cheap so I just get on with it. At that point they look ok but the cushioning is crushed. However you are taking it to another level.

    I think you should try having two pairs of running shoes on the go and alternating them. I would be pretty sure that you would get more than 400 combined miles out of them.

  • Hi florian, im 9.5st and trainers only seem to last me 300 odd miles, but i have a particularly heavy heel strike, so i tend to wear out the cushioning quicker. the time the cushioning will last also depends on what kind of surface you run on - cement, tarmac or off-road - where running on cement will wear out your trainers the quickest because there is less give in the surface.
  • I generally change trainers at around the 300 mile mark.
  • What are the guidelines for a trainers life, I also use Brooks Beast?
  • ClagClag ✭✭✭
    I'm running in Nimbus 9 at the moment and have similar problems around 300 miles. I believe it's because I run like an elephant (although the man in the running shop didn't put it quite as bluntly) & thump down rather than doing a nice heel strike and roll. I would like to change that but after 34 years there's probably not much hope!
  • Florian,

    I emailed Brooks and apparently they say the Beasts should last 500 miles.
  • 500 miles is just a guideline. 16stone will wear shoes out quicker than 8 stones will ?

    I do the alternating thing and it seems to work much better than just thrashing one pair into the ground. Shoes are cheap compared with physio - so dont be tempted to do more miles than you feel is safe in them.
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