Spectating the Tiger way

Get up at 6.30am & eat bowl of porridge & cup of tea. Get train from Wimbledon & arrive at mile 14 at about 9.30am.
Paula whizzes through at 10.10am looking incredible. Elite women follow, we study their running style & advise accordingly.
10.50am: Elite men arrive at 14 with Paula co-inciding exactly opposite on the Highway at 21 miles.
Mass start runners follow elite men building more & more. Start to get double vision trying to spot fellow club runners / forumites. Karaoke Pacer is easy to spot!
1pm: Get DLR to Mudchute & join forumites at 18 miles. Jolly time cheering & meeting new / already known faces. Special welcome for Benz & Helen as they turn up!
Off to Thistle: 1 and a half pints of Stella hardly touch the sides.
Home: Finally get something to eat. Husband opens bottle of red & cooks barbeque. Drink glass of red in sorrow at having missed Snoop (saw 3 cavemen & none of them was you!) and Fruity Reindeer.
Have another glass of red in celebration of private viewing of Nicko’s tattoo at Thistle!
My feet ache! Spectating is definitely hard work.


  • Tiger
    My knees are worse than after a half marathon!!! Sat here with glass of red as I type.
  • Just had a good cry watching the highlights JJ!
  • Saw you on the Highway Tiger and from your timings, you must have been at Mudchute by the time I got there too but by that stage I was suffering a bit and not sure who I actually saw!
  • As on other thread, it was goods to know you were there. The glass of wine, first in 30 days.. tastes particularly sweet
  • Good to meet you Tiger. My feet ache too!
  • Thanks for cheering Tiger, didn't see who was who but someone gave me a banana! Many thanks to all the forumites who cheered, that was great.
  • Murf, Laura, you both looked great at 18!
    Well done!
  • very sorry I missed you too Tiger - looked out for you at mile 14, but you'd probably moved on - think I must have got to mile 18 a few minutes before you.

    See you at Sevenoaks next month - deff.
  • Snoopy, I am distraught! Think I got double vision scanning all the runners.
    Got a piccy?
  • I remember being videod by Ashley at Mudchute - he said these would be available today - we'll see.

    Was at the Thistle on Saturday, but too tired yesterday to do anything but go home.

    What a kind husband you have - feel slightly jealous!
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