Leeds 10k

Hi All

Just done my first run and it was ab fab well enjoyable, but my time Mmmm

1Hour 3 Mins ????

But 12000 people to dodge and weave between....

Should i be dissapointed ??


  • Hi well done on finishing your first race, you shouldnt really complain about your finishing time as its your first race,the good thing is you now have a time to beat in your next 10km,now thats when it gets harder!!! good luck with your running.  Andy.
  • Cheers Andy,lokking at entering the Leeds Abbey Dash in Nov ?
  • good time

    well done


  • Cheers PH

    I am pleased it went to plan as such,

    I just wish i could have got a better time but realistically there were too many people about.

    But wow what an atmosphere,wouldnt of missed it for the world !!

  • well, now that you have done your first, you can look for a smaller club 10k

    and you have a pb-it is a pb as you havent done 10k before


  • Yeah , think i may wimp out of proper runs and do the mass produced fun runs ,as i am not

    that serious about running,other than its excersise and it stops me from drinking loads and being

    a couch potato.....thinking the Leeds Abbey Dash in November (10k) ?

  • you are serious about running!

    you just did a race



  • Abbey dash is supposed to be good
  • At least its an up the road and back run so i canmaybe try hard to beat todays time,although its not a like for like course it will make me feel better if i beat todays time !!!!
  • Bye the way never got over Wilkies disgusting pics from Friday !!!!

    Never eat another donught again !!!

  • here, i missed those

    Where were they?

  • OMG you will need to get the site of her on Monday

    She was on one about "Goats" and her office being all "Porn-sui-ed" !!!!

    Leave it to your imagination......image

  • http://goatse.cz/

    There you go PH dont blame me !!!!

  • Great effort well done you  done the hard part by doing your first 10k I have done three races now after running 12 months and made mistakes in all but keep working at it ( goiing off 2 fast to getting stuck behind fun runners)but now i have got my 10k time to 45.23mins and going to break that this year.(hopefully)try mapping a 10k route you can run and go back to it once a month to test yourself but then leave it alone for a few weeks, and try to intro some speed work but you have got plenty of time to nov im sure if you keep consistant you will smash a PB enjoy what you achieved and keep smilingimagepaul
  • well done, i live in leeds and have seen how windy it is today you did well, the abbey dash is good but again has a lot of people, i did the harewood house 10k last year which is a really good race
  • My first time as a 10k er too, was a little scared this morning and have to say, and shouldn't have had that curry last night........... however did it in 1hr 4 mins which I thought was okay for a novice.

    Thought it was really well organised, but would have been better to have markers every 1K..

    .Does anyone knw who the band waz playing on Meanwood Road?

  • Well Done Vix

    No idea who the band was ??

    They were loud though,even so it took my mind of the sea of "sticky" gatorade on the floor!!!

  • Well done Vix.  That's a good time.  Really wasn't the best conditions for a good time today. 

    Ordinarily I wouldn't have spent so much money or travelled so far for a 10k but this was one race I had to do and, getting drenched yesterday and nightmare journey home apart, I'm so glad I did it.  Admit to being a right wuss and having a bit of a blub at the start.

  • well done guys - was cheering you all near the finish image

    iannaylor - my first 10k was 1hr 3 too, sign up for abbey dash, that is a good flat fast 10k

     well done everyone image and a fitting way to remember Jane

  • Thanks NSC

    Totally agree such an emotional day.....

    Kept me going a few  parts of the course..

    Keep Running xx

  • Thanx for support it was really welcome.  Think I'll do a bit more training before entering anything else.image

     I have to confess that Jane really was the reason I made the effort to get my running shoes on, she was so inspiring, I guessed that if she could do so much in her condition, I should do my bit too!!

    Managed to raise £615 for Martin House in process, so pretty chuffed.

    My feet are now throbing like hell,but it was worth every ache and pain.

     C u next year x

  • Well done on completing your first 10kimage

    Vix1 - Book up your next race and well done on the fundraising!

  • Janes daughter Rebecca was 7th lady btw - just behind Nell Mc apparently -so some of her mums determination must have rubbed off - well done her on what must have an emotional day for the family

  • Signed up for Abbey Dash

    Come on lets run 4ever

    Run 4 Jane



    (Sorry got carried away with it all , but go with what you feel strongly about !!!)

  • Thx Jaggy... Thinking about Harewood House in September...may have got the bug!

    Janes daughter did so well, agree Buney bet they shed a few tears today, but they must all be so proud of what she achieved, it's great that they continue her legacy in such a positive way.

  • The Abbey Dash is a similar type course to run4all, its pretty flat and a out of the centre back in type of course with just a turn in the road and then back down the other side. Its not as busy though and the start has a better flow to it. I actually had to run/walk that but went all the way round yesterday without stopping and still did a slower time, hmm....so yeah its probably a faster course too.

  • Can't see a new thread for this.  Is there much change to the course since 08?  Is it a fast one?

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