Great Yarmouth Prom 10k

Is anyone else who reads this forum doing this 10k ?

I have received confirmation from the organiser today that he's had my application so I will be there - it'll be the first time I've done it since 1992, and I'm looking to beat the time I achieved then.

A nice flat course (just watch out for the sand blowing against your legs in the "cool" October sea breeze !)


  • I will be there, I think not running though. This is one for Mr Fat Girl Slim, I'll be watching with the children. Whats the course, is it all along the front?

  • If the course is the same (which I would expect) it starts at the Leisure centre on the prom, goes down past the pleasure beach and then loops back on the path next to the sands - back up as far as the bowling greens and then back down to the leisure centre on the prom.

    Very straightforward, flat and fast.

    I just hope the weather is nice !

    I don't know my number yet but if you see someone with a vest or shirt like the one in this photo please give me a cheer (I ould do with the encouragement !)
  • What is the date for the Yarmouth race??


  • Thanks Aluaka, I will cheer you if I see you. Race date is 13th Oct.
  • Got my number for Great Yarmouth today - number 9 - this will NOT be my finishing position !
  • Not run this course so reading the forum for tips.Sand blowing against legs(Ow)or wow if youre into that stuff.Cold sea breeze too! Sounds. . . . well cold,best watch the old nipple area then.See you all there you,ll recognise me. . . .balaclava,thermal gloves and hip flask(just in case).Good luck to all and may the best person. . . .have car trouble on the way to the event.
  • From the details that came with my race number it sounds like they have changed the course since I last did it - it seems to be 2 laps now of a slightly different area, and it sounds like we don't run past the sand anymore !!

    Shame - it added novelty value !
  • Boing Boing .... a week to go - anyone else doing this one ??

    For my pre-race ramblings of this race visit my homepage at:
  • Hi All

    I be there me and the girlfriend are going to make a weekend of it, coming up on Friday from Essex to do my 3rd 10k. Lovely area cant wait hope to do a PB if it is a fast course.

    See you there
  • Good to see someone else from the forum will be there - what no. are you Dean ? Ary both of you running ???

    I;ll watch out for you there !
  • UNFORTUNATELY, Wind and sand combined to make a major shovelling job necessary, so the course was changed a few years ago. The height under the pier is now sometimes only about half a meter and it's not a commandoes only race!
    It's still near enough to the sea to feel the breeze an an easterly will add some sting.
  • Well, I've had an e-mail from Deanskipper, so I know he did well yesterday.

    I struggled with my knee pain from the third km.

    My full race report is on my homepage:

    Did anyone else do this run, if so what did you think ???
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