10 great ultrarunners

Seen this?


HAd never heard of Eleanor Adams...what a star, amazing. 


  • huw davies - didn't you write a book zendurance that was never released/published?
  • eleanor adams  -  she used to run for a nottingham club. remember doing sheffield marathon with her few years ago and few ultras - very very nice lady. loads off stamina and endurance! she'd run for hours and hours and hours.!
  • Not heard of 5, 6 and 7 before... but can't argue with the others from what I know of them.

    Nice to see the media-whore Dean Karnazes not in the list, far greater runners than him across the years

  • I dont know how you define 'ultra' in this case, but one of the greatest endurance/ultra runners has to Joss Naylor surely?

    Or is fell-running a bit too-off-the-wall???

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    and why is this guy always promoting his frigging blog on this forum??
  • Actually, if I am correct, Eleanor used to run for Sutton Harriers. A Nottinghamshire club, not Nottingham. Though I might be technically wrong as she may have left them for Notts AC.

    A lovely lady, used to go to the same chapel as my Grandmother.
    Mad as a box of frogs, last time I saw her she was running through South Normanton pushing her little one in a buggy, weaving all over the place cheering up the little one no end.
  • TH2

    Joss Naylor was the name that sprang to my mind before I looked at the list. I guess you are right and fell running is a bit to off the wall. 70 peaks at the age of 70 is one mean achievement in itself.

  • and when younger he used to do it all on a diet of rock cakes, didn't he?
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Eleanor Adams yes i've heard of her. If i'm not mistaken  she was one of the pioneers (female) for ultra running
  • An inspiration for my (failed) foray into ultra running.

    Must ask her next time I see her, where did I go wrong?? image

    I will always remember Gran (with understatement) saying she knew a young lady from the chapel who "does a bit of running." image

  • whats my ranking then ?
  • According to Rory Coleman (and Jonathan Ross) that question should be What is Ed's wanking ??
  • *ahem*

    very good muzzy.

    i think globally joss loses out a little.. would be interesting to construct a UK list.

    or maybe a RW one.. then i might actually feature! 

  • no lists!


    of to look now

  • oh,

    I see your point fat buddah

  • Does it count as spam?? Can we report him??
  • just found this when I was doing research for a homework project on ultra runners , Eleanor adams is my grandma : glad you think she's amazing! x
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Geoff Oliver - the man the legend. Almost makes me want to risk going long again - almost
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