The Whaley Waltz 5.5

Anyone doing it, know anything about it?


  • DazTheSlugDazTheSlug ✭✭✭

    I might be doing it, not 100% sure yet.

    It's a new race this year, and the info on the Goyt Valley Striders website is pretty comprehensive image

  • Aye, doing this one.

    All I know about this is it's not as high as Shutlingsloe.

    Will be my second fell run but should be a good laugh....

  • It's in my local village and I've recc'ied the route which is very nice. The views along Taxal Edge are brillant, with the whole of Cheshire to the left and Kinder Scout to the right.

    It's on paths & tracks, almost all uphill to half way and then almost all downhill on the way back with a river crossing at the end, where the firemen will be on hand to help the ladies across.

     It is also Carnival Day and local businesses have donated lots of prizes for the runners.

  • yes it should be very good
    especially if you like river crossings
    good prize list and good day for all the family, Details:
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