Harlow 10



  •   Well done on your finish,i echo your sentiments regarding the Marshall's and do sincerely hope that the casualties are well.The heat was incredible,i salute all the finishers.

  • I did it tooooo with my pal Suez image 1hr 51 was my time which I was pleased with.  I was incredibly hot and some of those hills got me!!!!!

     I had had a troublesome leg which i thought might let me down, but I am pleased to say it gave me no probs at all!!

     Well done to everyone, hope the poor guy at mile just outside the park gates is ok! xx

  • Loon.Loon. ✭✭✭
    well done tara you must have been just behind me or thereabouts.  yep the runner outside the park had been there for quite some time apparently :< 
  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭

    Blinkin' heck, that was hot!

    I think the heat and the 5k I did yesterday sapped all my energy and I was 6 mins outside my PB.  Still, a lovely course and extremely well organised.  It was lovely to have a refreshing shower afterwards in the fab leisure centre.  I wasn't going too badly until I got to 5.25 miles when there was a hill all the way up to 6.  After that I just faded and slowed down considerably.

    I hope the lady who collapsed in the ninth mile is ok.  She was running besides me for a while and then disappeared into the distance looking very good.  And the was a man collapsed just outside the gate too, I hope he is ok.

  • Well done all who completed this in the heat.

    The provisional results are now up on the website, more to follow.

  • Hope they're both okay too, that really was hellishly hot.  Thank God there were loads of water stations, I'm pretty sure I proposed to someone at the last one!  Loved the new course, though, especially the shady bits through the woodland.   This race has become one of the must-dos of the year for me.

    Lovely to see you all again.   I didn't have it in me to drive to Ely as planned afterwards, somehow the grumpy Peugeot found the A10 instead of the A11, so who was I to argue?

  • Boy, was that a hot one! So glad I got finished and back in one peace, people dropping like flies.

     Well done to everyone, I took it at a steady pace - just too hot for any thing else, the sponges were a great help, thanks to the organisers for there efforts!


  • Sponge would have been nice, but they had gone by the time I got there! image
  • Hey, well done all. Finished just over the hour, and missed time by 90 secs, but happy enough with that today.

    Enjoyed the new improved course too, and marshalls were great also.

    Hope that everyone that had dificulties are now ok and back home.


  •  Photos are at http://picasaweb.google.com/harlowrc/Harlow10July2008

    Please note we are *not* professional photographers and by no means got a photo of everyone. Please feel free to download any photos of yourselves if you find there is a photo- there is no charge.

    If you want any photos of yourselves removed from the site then please let us know and we will remove them. Please use the email address on the website to contact us.

    Hope everyone has now recovered!

  • What a fantastic race!

    It always is, but i loved the new course. 

    As ever the marshalls are great on this one, & everyting is brilliantly handled. All we have to do is run.

    Yes it was hard & hot. I managed 89:56!!! Love the t-shirt too.

    Hope everyone is fine tonight.    



  • My first competition in 2 years and despite the blisters the size of mount everest I thoroughly enjoyed the race. I wanted to use the Harlow 10 as a benchmark for the Great North Run to work out my fitness and goals over the next 6-8 weeks.

     I completed the course in 1hr 23mins and inside the 90min target. Well chuffed considering the lack of training and the heat. A big pat on the back to the marshalls and supporters en route, I must say it really helped me through 6-9 miles when the going got tough.

    Hope everyone is ok.

    P.S Can someone recommend a runninbg club close to Debden, Essex. Thanks. 

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