The Harvel 5

Are there many young people that enter this race, around the age of 17?


  • There are not that many juniors that enter the Harvel 5. Last year there were only 6 under 18 males and 3 under 18 females (Minimum age on race day is 15) There is a trophy for each of these categories.
  • Drinking AND running - sounds like a perfect combination. I must check my diary!!
  • Well we are The Drinking Club with a Running Problem!
  • Disaster. its my rugby club dinner the night before. We may be ladies but we party hearty and I'm not sure this is the cure, then again could run it off and have hair of the dog at the same time!!
  • The Harvel 5 is worth travelling for - I have done 3 of them now, although I don't have that far to go (Essex) I always make the effort - my In laws also live there so I can get a shower before going to the Amazon and Tiger
  • Well thats it I am entered so you will have the pleasure of my slightly hungover company on the day. I'll try and drag some of my dining companions as long as well...don't think we'll be threatening the front runners but we'll be at the back with style!!
  • I love this 5-miler. I ran it for the first time last year and it is only about a 15 minute drive friom where I live in Gravesend.
    It is great to have a pint after too! And, what a beautiful village Harvel is too.
  • well all this talk of beer and running - sounds great! I live in Essex near Epping Forest and I reckon that I could get to the course and follow birdypie at the back in style and even enjoy myself!!!
  • Yep I'll be there Rachel. It will probably appear that I am going backwards but I do hope to get to the finish at some point. Got my race confirmation through this week so no excuse now!!
  • Don't forget we also have a licenced bar on the Green and beer available on request at the water station in the Country Park! Also the Amazon & Tiger Pub (The Clubs sponsor) is open all day.
  • Did this last year. Got there late from Luton due to horrendous snarl ups onthe M25 but decided to run it anyway. Given I was running by myself I decided to indulge in the beer at the drinks station. Very nice course especially once it gets through the woods.

    Probably not going this year as I have a choice of two local races the next day.
  • This is a great event. Did it last year and doing it again this year. My time might be adversely affected now that I know there is beer at the water station. May end up running The Harvel 2.5
  • This was my first ever race last year, have entered again this year and am looking forward to it. Last year it was very hot but as most of the race is through the country park it is pretty shaded so was bearable.

    Tempted as I was by the beer I didn't indulge last year, but this who knows????


  • I think this race must be my idea of heaven, beer at water stations!!!!

    Well that's it, the entry has been logged and I hope to persuade a mate to run it with me and help me get to the liquid refreshments at the end!!!

    Can't wait!!!
  • hey, don't forget the jelly babies as well ! rachel, we all worked out ages ago, we run better when we're hung over ! (i'm the h4 onsec)
  • Hey, the Jelly Babies was my idea!
  • But biggers medals was Fozzie's idea
  • jelly babies, beer, medals - HEAVEN!!!!! Can't wait to see/fall over/bang into/drink with you all!!!!
  • Good event this one. Friendly, low key but a nice course. Go for it.
  • ok, i know, iron man, but you didn't mention them, so nur nur nur !
  • Low key indeed, I had hair (Or should I say Hare, H3 in joke) before organising this event!

    Fozzie & Me (or is it I) will, without doubt, be in the Amazon & Tiger for a few beers afterwards.
  • all non h4 runners: hang around for the down down after the run ! you'll love it !
  • is the course very hilly and whats the winning time last year?
  • no. we csll it undulating. its mosting flat, with a short hill at approx 4 miles. the first outward two miles are on a slight incline, but the good side is that miles 3 and 4 are pretty flat and the last mile is mostly downhill (we call it the mad mile!)hope this helps. give it a go !
  • Fozzie, I thought you were playing golf! Winners times and all records on the H5 Page
  • too wet ! you know me, i'm a fair weather player.
  • Big Girl's Blouse!
  • Well I've really enjoyed reading all about this weekends event! Can't wait and the prospect of that pint at the end or the half way stage is a good one!

    I have persuaded my mate Jenny to run this with me - she's new to running and we will probably do the run walk thing to get her round (I persuaded her to do the 5k at Battersea the other week in the race for life) She's doing really brilliantly and I hope she enjoys it, so if we're still out there when everyone else is on their fifth pint.....

    See you Saturday!
    Jelly Babies are my favourite (well the midnight mars bar is actually) expecially the red ones...
  • Correction to web address, quoted above, should be, well I had only got back from the Amazon & Tiger after a few pints and I had run the New Eltham Joggers 5 mile race in the morning (Well worth entering next year, but no beer at the water station or jelly babies!)
  • I think I am now dragging two other hungover folk along with me. Not sure we'll be up for beer at halfway but if someone could have some alka seltzer waiting it might improve my chances of finishing! Not sure about run walk - expect more of a crawl/stagger tactic from my little gang of reprobates!
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