Currently injured

All injuries welcome - anyone want to let off steam with me?

I've got a spot of plantar fasciitis and I'm going MAD not running! This is the first time since I took up running over 8 months ago that I have had more than a day or two off and I am seriously starting to lose my marbles. Running has taken over my life, and now I can feel my fitness oozing out of's not good. Beed out on my bike which was okay (fresh air!!) but just not the same.

I need a hug! And maybe some boxing gloves and a punchbag to let off some STEAM!!!!! image


  • Been to see a Physio

     Cycling is your best bet/ spin classes will get the frustration out...and swimming if you like that kind of thing

    ......and eating loads of chocolate of course ;o)

  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    ((YL)) I feel your pain!
  • NOOO Croc - no chocolate! I'm really watching what I eat - putting weight on would just add more misery to injury!

    I just want to RUN! Sigh. Why haven't the makers of the Wii invented virtual running yet? image

  • Ok dokay

    Fruit salad then.

    Seriously cycling is going to be the best cross training you can do

  • Or wii boxing? Get the stress out of  your system at the same time?
  • That's not a bad idea Cake!!! Good call!


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