Just a plea to all race directors and organisers - please will you check if your course accuracy measurement is valid or is likely to run out this year or early next year.  It is valid for 10 years from when first measured.  It is much more pleasant to do a re-measure or a new measure in summer than in the depths of winter cold, sleet, etc.

Also, if you want to change the course drastically then it will also need to be re-measured.  Please can you pass the word to your local club that organises races, if you are not the relevant person.   


DS (wearing my course measurer's hat!) 


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    Why is there this special concern just now? I recall posts on the Blackpool Marathon thread quite recently. Any connection?
  • I have raced a local 5 mile race for a number of years.

    I t was remeasured a couple of years ago as it had been chosen to host the county 5 mile champs and the county race walk champs. The bastard added a good 50 metres to the course ................................ I reckon he should have had a bit more air in his tyres image

  • swittleswittle ✭✭✭
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