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Completed my first Marathon this May ( Halstead) and would love to have a go at running beyond the 26 miles.  The Tring to Town race would fit in well in terms of location and date of race but I was wondering how people get back to their cars etc if they are only running the one day,  Can anyone help shed some light on this for me? I may be running on my own so won't have someone to follow on with car.  Do people recommend trail shoes for this route or can you get by with road shoes? Cheers Sara


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    and shoes will depend on the weather,   all tow path and some parts are hard surface and some arent!
  • Road shoes, even the muddy bits of T2T don't warrant trail shoes. The extra comfort for your first ultra will be more valuable than the grip of trail shoes. If it's wet get some seal skinz socks. There's an underground station near the finish, and Tring rail station is near the start of the race. You can park there and get the train back from London if you really have to. You'd have to get across London to Euston to get a train back to Tring, which you probably won't feel like doing after running 40 miles. Personally, if there's absolutely no one to pick you up, I'd stay over the night and get home on the monday.
  • Road shoes.  The path is very good.  As for transport............. just get your boyfriend/husband/partner/dad to collect you image
  • why not do both Saturday and Sunday races, then you won't have a problem! Smiley Lady did that this year, finishing well under 6 hours on each day!


    I wore ordinary road shoes, they worked fine.


  • Thanks to everyone for the advice about shoes and the options re: getting home after the race - hope to meet some of you there on the day maybe!? Not sure i could manage 80miles in one weekend but v. impressed and in awe of all of you that do!! cheers Sara
  • Definately ordianry shoes but good socks.

    On both days this year, there were plenty of people coming and going, you should be able to arrange a lift or at least a shuttle bunny to the nearest public transport.

  • You wouldn't say that if you knew them SS2.
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    What are you trying to say GP? Hmmmm?
  • I thought there were about 3 versions of this race now.

    Which one are you doing Sara ??

  • Just that ultra runners are a bit odd UC.
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    I really don't know what you mean GPimage
  • Just wondering if this route is marked? or do you rely on the map for the whole way? Is the course easy to follow? I'm entered to do the town to tring on the Saturday, first time doing it and am not familiar with the area at all.

  • It's dead easy to follow.  Just stay on the tow path and remember what number bridge you have to leave the canal at.  Last year the final bridge was marked with some tape so it was obvious which one it was.
  • that was the other direction Haile! I think there was one fork in the canal to watch for but otherwise you can't possibly go wrong.
  • lol, I've got my first proper navigation race this weekend. I'm very very scared!
  • yeah the dead tramp was on the Sunday bit.
  • HI People

    I was planning to do T2T2T end of january but I left it for to late to enter and now it is full ... does anyone have a number and are not planning to use it? I would be glad to purchase it!

    Let me know!!


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    Usual crowd again I see!

     is anyone driving from Tring down to the start early Saturday morning?  And if so, can they squeze a couple more into the car?  Happy to contribute to fuel etc.

  • Anyone know when they put the results up? For a relatively small event - they are horrendously slow at posting results.
  • you mean relatively small relatively expensive race surely  ? image
  • Ed - that too - and I was really cheesed off with them changing the time with not even 24hrs to go to the start of the race. I only found that out when I got there the next morning.

    If you think thats expensive you will be shocked at the entrace fee for a half marathon thats on in Connemara in Ireland at the end of March - €70 entry fee - which equates to about 62 pounds. I aint doing it but just saying there are more expensive ones out there.

  • lol i think it is probably possible to always find worse ... still doesn't justify it!
  • clearly anyone on this thread should be doing the ultra at conne !

    not done it no idea how much is costs but it is at least established with a good reputation.

  •  did connemara a few years back and didnt really enjoy it - its 70 euro to enter any of the races.

  • so might as well do the ultra then .. value for money.
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