advantages or cross country running??

hey, since re-stating my running ( great north run and london marathon my targets) i had found my joints had become very unused to pounding the roads, so too the measure of running cross country tom ake it easier on my joints. i am loving it! i can feel my muscls really getting a workout!! i suppose i am answering my own title but is cross country a good idea. i am still hitting roads sometimes to run the country and sometimes for my whole run.  my training now is to run 4 times a week, atleast 1 long run every fortnight (did 10 miles sunday which was almost double my normal run), guess this was kinda a blog rather than a question lol comments welcome!


  • I run in a local forest. Good paths and a great views of wildlife.

    I prefer it to the roads/streets. I've read its better on the joints but I've also read it makes no difference!

    To answer your question I don't think theres any advantage/disadvantage, just your personal preference

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    i love running off road and i'm fortunate to live 0.5 mile from the beach at Crosby on the Mersey estuary. I regularly run at Formby Point - acres of woodland and dunes to roa in before hitting the shore again.

    i think the adjustments the leg, knee, ankle and toes have to make when running off road help to build stronger muscles and joints in a way that roadwork can't. the downside is tripping or twisting something but, for me, off road is well worth the risk image
  • I agree, I do most of my running on trails. It strengthens your muscles, and it strengthens your soul. 

    But there is one real advantage on running on roads. They give you a regular even surface to run on, which is exactly what you need if you are doing speedwork, reps, intervals etc in preparation for a race. You also find that you naturally run slower on rough terrain. Tree roots, stones, rough surfaces all act as trip hazards if you are bombing along doing 8 x 200 or whatever.

    I therefore do long runs in the beautiful countryside, and speedwork/ paced runs on roads.

  • ........ or should I say pavements, with watching out for traffic!! I try and find a "big block" where I dont have to cross a road.

    Traffic.............. definitely a hazard when running in urbal areas!!

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    ye, my speedwork days are fading fast but I think you've got the right balance there, Kingfisher blue.

    if I happen to fancy stepping out a little, i'm 0.5 mile from the promenade at Crosby, giving me 2.5 miles traffic free (except for bicycles), either smooth tarmac or beach.
  • tyhat is kinda what im doing my 10 miler on sunday was about 7 miles cross country  (the rest running to and from) i tend to mix my other 3 runs of the week, usually 1 run for certain on roads only a week where i do find im running smoother and faster
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