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  • Ginger loon

    i read your post with interest about going to a club

    hence the reason i wrore my thread about Clubs !!

     Have u seen it ?

  • steam coming out of ears

    I was a 12 mm for YEARS

    and i bloody ran marathons

    its FINE darling
  • Darling

    is that for me ????
  • howdy  mick, put PH down you don't know where she's been LOL

    I have to say, in defence of the club, they were great, it was just one offhand comment by one member that upset me a bit.  she may not even have realised the potential impact of what she said, but I have seen your thread and you make some good points, on both sides image

    I did feel a bit embarrassed that I was there and beyond my capabilities, but it turned out that I managed fine once I was in my *zone*. image

    but as has already been said, we all have to start somewhere and someone will always be last and the slowest of a group and no one should be made to feel silly because of it, although if they really are out of their depth then it shuld be diplomatically and encouragingly pointed out and definitely not in a way that would make that person feel belittled

    anyway, back on track, I remember when I started running my running coach congratulated me, she said many many people struggle to even reach 12 minute mile pace when they start out. so there you go image

  • hey i agree with everything everyone has said, be v.proud of yourself that you are getting out there and running...and i dont think i know anyone who can walk a 12 minute mile!

    somebody at my club once said to me that they had an elite marathon running athleteas a guest at an event and he pointed out that he runs a marathon as fast as he can, but is only on his feet for 2h+...slower runners run as fast as they can but are running for 5, 6h! he couldnt imagine being on his feet for that length of time!

  • I agree with the comments. After a couple of years running I finally plucked up courage and went to the local club. I spoke to them and explained I wanted to have a go and see if I was good enough. Apparently I was which made my week as I had literally spent months plucking up courage to go. However, after about 6 weeks I went along and this man refused to run with me and said 'no, she's one of yours' to another member it was sooooooo embarassing it was like being back to the last one picked for the team. After fighting back the tears and being rescued by some kindly soul who insisted he would run with me. We ran well caught up the nasty man, we went about 1/2 mile shorter but got back before them.

    So I am now back to training alone. Wimp, I know but as I started to run to gain confidence I am not able to go and face the hassle. I am not a fast runner but run between 9.5 min miles to 10.5.

    I think a good club is a real find but unfortunately there don't seem to be many round here.

    IT is good to hear positive comments from experienced runners and the support given on these forum is great. Anyway gone from never posting to saying too much.

  • Agree with everyone

    I am not an experienced runner

    I did my first 10k 2 weeks ago - 13.12mm - and that was in a race

    I am slow

    Sometimes I am last

    Sometimes I am nearly last

    I said I would never race.....then PH said on a thread that I wasnt too crap to go to a race - kinda made me start to rethink things.  PH and a couple of other forumites convinced me to do a 5k in march.  That was my first race.  The 10k 2 weeks ago was my 10th.

    I am learning to manage to ignore the people who insist on telling me how rubbish I am - slowly image

  • 12 minute miles are fine, its the getting out there which is important.

    With regard to the club issue, in my club we don't give any group the tag of "beginers", we simply have fast / moderate / slow groups. Being Dubai and hot we stop for water every 3K or so in the summer so the faster groups jog back and pick up the slow group. Works fine. We also make sure there is always one experienced runner right at the back just in case.

    No one should be frightened to join a club or enter a race, running is an all inclusive sport. Over the years I have had people just starting out say "your quicK' then 6 -12 months later they hurtle past me in a race. We have a lady in the club who two years ago swore she wouldn't ever break 2hrs 30 mins for the half marathon, this year she ran 1-55. As she says it  was the running with better runners that made her speed up, thats what clubs do. I'm always runing with better faster runners for exactly the same reason it makes you quicker.

    Power to you all whatever speed your running at

  • nice post Dave
  • yep nice post Dave, but I still find it intimidating, I've been a member of a club for a couple of years but have only ever been once!

    OK the main reason is hubby is a keen runner and someone has to look after the four year old on club nights, but whenever there's an opportunity I avoid it - it usually clashes with one of those lack of confidence days.
  • Nice one Dave!

    I've been plucking up the courage to join my local club for ages.  It's stupid really, 'cos I know they'll be really welcoming.  They're quite small, but very active - their website shows all the routes that they use, with pictures as well!  Each weekend they do a long run, with 3 different lengths on a similar route, so you can choose how far to go.

    They're only in the next village, and I've seen them run past my house a few times.

    OK, that's it - I'm going to join after my 10k on Sunday!  It will be invaluable in the winter months, as I don't have any street lights around here, and they organise routes in the larger villages around here where there is lighting.

  • I'd love to join a club but i can't seem to find one in my area...

    I'm North Wales Chester border and I've had a look and the nearest one I can find is Ellesmere Port, which isn't too bad but was hoping to find something closer to home really.

    The way i see it, a couple of months ago I was nervous about stepping out the front door to run, now i do that nearly every day. You have to feel the fear and do it regardless, otherwise you'd never do anything with your life. I think it's the same about joining a club...yes, it's intimidating, but just remember, all the members were in the same position as you once. I think the majority or members will remember this and welcome new people (at least that's what i'm hoping!!)

    So, if there are any nice running club members out there who are in a club in my area... let me know and be nice to the new girl when I come (i'm slow, a beginer, in need to guidance!!)
  • It's not where you ARE that is important; it is where you are GOING that matters. If you are proud of yourself then that is great. Keep it up. You are not going to be proud doing the same thing every week so you will look to progress. Don't compare yourself with others. Just aim for that feeling of pride in knowing you are getting better each week or each month. Keep setting yourself small improvement goals to attain, when you get there set new ones.   Good Luck !

    What a response. I posted because I felt a bit down and you lot have really cheered me up.

    I went to my club's track night last night and pootled around with my usual companions and I found that their pace was a little slow (they were just back from hols so were taking it easy!), but even so, I was expecting to struggle a bit!

    Thanks again!
  • Baby Camel, have you looked to see if there's a Women's Running Network Club in your area, I'm sure when I looked the other week,there were a couple around Chester.
  • Kate SpeedKate Speed ✭✭✭
    I emailed someone from WRN in Swansea this week. Had a reply saying that she couldn't help as I wouldn't be good enough until I had done a beginners course and she wasn't going to be running one for a while. She then went on to totally contradict herself by saying that WRN is for runners of every ability - pah! It's put me off trying anywhere else now in case they all tell me I'm too crap......

    Never mind, I shall carry on plodding away by myself.
  • Kate - poor you. Next time I am in Swansea I will post on here so we can go for a plod together. We have family in Llansamlet and in Skewen where are you based?
  • Hi SJ, Just rushed off to look on the WRN website but, unfortunately there are no clubs around the Chester area! At this rate I may even think about starting my own! image
    I shall keep looking, I know that when the nights start drawing in I'm going to feel a little vunerable going out on my own... If anyone fancies plodding with me just give me a shout!

    Hey Kate... don't let that WRN lady put you off (i'm begining to think all running clubs are full of the devils children)

    Are there any NICE running clubs out there that would take on a couple of beginers like me and Kate??
  • Kate Speed wrote (see)
    I emailed someone from WRN in Swansea this week. Had a reply saying that she couldn't help as I wouldn't be good enough until I had done a beginners course and she wasn't going to be running one for a while. She then went on to totally contradict herself by saying that WRN is for runners of every ability - pah! It's put me off trying anywhere else now in case they all tell me I'm too crap...... Never mind, I shall carry on plodding away by myself.

    Kate, I am really concerned someone from the WRN said this to you.  I run the beginers group for South Manchester and I would be furious if people we're going away from contacting the WRN feeling like they weren't good enough.

     Would you be kind enough to PM me and tell me what happened?

    I also know Rio! from the forum is a WRN laydee from S.Wales and she is one of the nicest people on here, maybe she can help.

  • Kate I'm also a little surprised that was said to you. I joined the Wigan Group of the WRN and haven't experienced this. The only comment I got was "we'd have done something a little different if you had told me you could only run 2.5km" I went out with them again last night just four of us and I quite happily did 7km plodding along at the back.
  • I'm surprised about the WRN comments, all the blurb infers it's all about being all inclusive and not scaring people off.

    I was thinking about starting one in Rochdale, but the organisers course didn't fit in with my holidays, maybe I'll look at it again later.

    Any lonely Rochdale runners out there interested in coming along to our current informal club! (ie me and a few pals tootling around for about 3 miles on a Tues and Thurs evening and once or twice on a weekend) We're looking to up our distance and speed a bit - we might have no choice as 2 of us are in the ballot for the London Marathon!
  • Kate SpeedKate Speed ✭✭✭

    I have messaged you Farnie - hope it gets to you OK. The e-mail she sent me wasn't nasty or anything like that - she sounded very nice, it was just a bit "sorry I can't help you, contact someone else" kind of thing. I have contacted someone else - I'm not put off that easily image, but I was left feeling as if I'm not good enough and that WRN aren't particularly helpful if you're a beginner.

     Helen, I'm in Killay although I often go down and run along the sea front - there's too many steep hills in Killay!

  • Kate Speed wrote (see)

     but I was left feeling as if I'm not good enough and that WRN aren't particularly helpful if you're a beginner.

    What a shame, because, everyone is good enough, everyone, even if you are still a walker, you should still be accomodated.  And the WRN should be the perfect place for a beginner.

    Also, Joanne, it is the responsibility of the group organiser to find out what standard people are and work out a route/training session that fits.  It is not your job to tell them what you can and can't do, its for them to find out and act accordingly. 

    Right -  thats it, everyone pack your stuff, you're all coming over to Manchester!

  • Just had a look on the WRN website -South Manchester, which one's you Farnie?
  • That's it...I'm moving... save me a place Farnie!!

    Seriously though, I don't suppose you know if there are any 'friendly' running clubs in my area (Chester/North Wales)?
  • Kate SpeedKate Speed ✭✭✭
    If I lived in Manchester, I'd be round to you like a shot!

    I'm really quite cross now that she was so unaccommodating! I hope I get more joy from the other person I have contacted.
  • Kate SpeedKate Speed ✭✭✭
    Well, the other person has got back to me saying she has a beginners course starting in September. Trouble is, I'm not sure I'll need to do a beginners course by September, in fact I'm already doing more than the R1 W1 they start off with so I don't know what to do now! I do want to join a club/group because I'm sure I could do better than I'm doing at the moment with a little encouragement, but the only other groups in the area are Swansea Harriers (which is far too scary for me - they expect you to compete for them - as if!) or the University club, which is no good my having left my student days far behind.
    I think I will e-mail both these people back saying what i've just said here and see what they say, but otherwise I think I'm a bit stuck. Any other beginners in Swansea?
  • It's the same for any club - when you're in an event you're supposed to wear the club vest of your first claim club - hey being a member gets you £2 off entry at most events. Mind you I'm usually running for charity so think it's fair enough I wear the charity t-shirt - hubby is insistant I should wear the harriers vest, but I find it a bit embarressing when I'm so slow! and don't exactly have much of a look of a runner.

    BUT saying that the one time I did wear it (husband's all pinned up at the back - not a good look) I did get lots of shouts of "come on Rochdale" which did spurr me on a bit - maybe that's why that's the only time I've done under an hour for 10K, hmmmmmmm I'm off to buy my very own club vest.
  • Hi Kate,

     The sea front sounds like a great place to train, especially as that is where the 10k is!! I will def post when I am next in Swansea, should be in about 4 weeks or so.


  • Kate SpeedKate Speed ✭✭✭
    Well, I e-mailed both of them back (the WRN women - see posts above)and had another e-mail from the first person I tried who said that I could turn up for the 11th session of a 12 week beginners course this evening to see how I get on. I'm not sure what to do now - I kind of feel as if she's asked me under sufference and will complain if I can't keep up. Having said that, I do want to give it a try and see how I go.

    What do people think I should do?
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