12 Minute Mile.....



  • You might as well give it a go - as long as you don't have to pay your £20 registration before giving it a go!

    I obviously hadn't read the stuff properly, I thought you just turned up and had a bash and the organisor made sure you were working at a suitable pace.
  • We're not on the pic of the South Manchester group, its a really old photo.

    But you can have a giggle at us in the manchester evening news...


  • Go along to that session Kate, who cares if you can or can't keep up.  Just go, because if you don't you'll never know.

    And post a new thread asking about peoples opinions of local clubs, recommendations etc.

  • Kate SpeedKate Speed ✭✭✭
    You're right. What the hell - I'll go. If I can't keep up, I can't keep up and will make my way back to the car on my own. If they're not very accommodating then I'll post asking for other club recommendations.

    Watch this space.......
  • I'd give it a go. I didn't pay up £20 for my first session. Nothing to lose. I'm going out tonight if it cools down a bit more to try and get used to pacing on the Garmin and get a slow easy run in. Good luck Kate
  • Kate SpeedKate Speed ✭✭✭
    WooHoo! I went and I'm really glad I did. The woman was really nice and said that if I couldn't keep up, not to worry, they'd just keep looping back to me.....Well, I kept up, the whole way (5k)I RAN the whole way, I haven't ever run more than about 10 minutes in one go before (the 5k took 38 minutes). My problem has just been that I've been trying to run too fast - their pace seemed uncomfortably slow to start with, but I settled into it after a while and never felt the need to stop and walk. I've been invited back next week for the last beginners session, and then to join the main group with the rest of the beginners the week after.

    So chuffed!
  • Thats great news image
  • SEE!!!!!

    It happens every time we get a new person, they try and go off like a rocket and then have to walk!

    I am so glad you went!  image

  • Well done you, I;m really pleased for you
  • callycatcallycat ✭✭✭
    yeah sorry about that Farnie
  • tut tutt....

    yes but you were poorly....

    have you sorted out our kit yet cal?

  • callycatcallycat ✭✭✭
    ooops no..... *scurries off to do it now*
  • tut tutttt
  • A 12 minute miles sounds good to me! I have never been a good runner at all, but have been plodding (jogging) around my village for a few months now. Last night I went to a crossfit club and we did a series of 6 minute circuits. One was:

    run 800m, then do as many sets of 6 burpees and 6 sit-ups as possible.

    I got back to the gym at 6.01. I took the whol circuit running 800m! Which, assuming I could maintain that pace for 12 minutes, would be about a mile.

    So, I say well done. And as my instructor said last night - now you have a target to beat!

  • Oh, I only just noticed that this is from 2008. Stupid Google!

  • Don't feel stupid jon, I thank you for bumping the thread and found it a good read for a newbie like me. I'm struggling with pace right now and actually trying to get my pace nearer the 13mm than 12mm as I'm using a HRM and currently needing to walk up most hills to keep my HR below 80% of MAX.

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Jon, 12 min/mile is my long slow run pace normally. Your instructor is right now you have a target and one that is realistic.
    Remember we all started somewhere, even people like me that never really got much faster. My greatest achievement was 10 miles in 1:40, so 10 min/mile.

  • I think anyone who can run 10 miles is on par with Mo Farah and Paula Radcliffe! 

  • YES!!! I'm on a par with Mo Farah. I ran 15miles on Sunday image Slow 15 12:30 - 12:45 pace but I ran it image  I've been running for just under 4 months now. 

    I'm amazed at the speed of some people on here!! It's very inspiring and wants to make you go further or faster or both image

  • I also used to run 12-minute miles. It was my automatic pace unless I was actively trying to go faster (which never lasts long!). My automatic pace is now closer to 11 min/mile so you'll probably get faster - I did without even noticing!

  • Im quite slow too but the bulk of running should be at a fairly easy pace anyway!! Not so slow that its too easy but you are still breathing deeply and your heart is up. When i feel disheartened about my speed i use my heart rate monitor so i can actually see for sure that im working my heart and lungs. I save the fast running for structured speed sessions which i only do once a week during a race build up. X
  • Hello everybody, mind if I join you?

    All this talk about running clubs is putting the fear of god into me, I have agreed to go to a taster session at sutton runners on Tuesday night....image I have to say I emailed the secretary and explained I am a beginner and would need walk breaks in the long runs and he was very supportive and said they have loads of runners my standard..... Gulp!

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