Advice please im a complete beginner

Hello all, im 24 and i have signed myself up for a half marathon for the 26th October although at the moment although i can only run for only 7 minutes before i have to walk again, im also a couple of stone overweight but am working on it!

 Is it possible that i can do this 13.1 mile run? has/is anybody been in the same position? and can you give me any tips.

 All help is appreciated thankyou


  • whereabouts in the country are you Sarah (be vague its ok) maybe join a local club that takes beginners.
  • It maybe a tad ambitious, but if you knuckle down and train to a decent schedule, then you should be ok.

    As for tips, properly fitted running shoes are a must, rest days are very important, don't over train, listen to your body, and enjoy it.

    Might be an idea to chuck in a 5k and 10k race prior to the HM aswell

  • Sarah

    Welcome  image  image  image

    hoping you are well

    try and remember - we were ALL of us once in this position

    you need to build up your walking and running very gradually and regularly

    it'll take time - but you can do it- you need to watch what your eating, and make sure your WELL           hy-drated before you venture out - The correct footwear is VITAL - as maybe be vaseline etc for certain parts

    October is a long way away yet, you can be fitter by then than you think if you gently knuckle down to it all   - and don't forget  we'll all be with you - you won't be alone

    you've got all sorts of help on RW - humour, fun, general chat, serious running talk and help - it's all here

    just try and be positive and keep relaxed and ENJOY what ever you do - a CLUB as some one said is a great idea - and you'll have a trial period, there's nothing to lose - all to gain

    best wishes

  • Birmingham half marathon I take it? I'll see you there.

    This is a beginners HM programme:

    Obviously you can't run for 30 mins yet but you'll get there quite quickly with a bit of determination and then you can move onto a more formal training plan. The other Bupa running plans got me through a 10k (and I'm considerably more than 2 stone overweight) and a 6 stone weight loss so I think they're realistic for beginners.
  • I second Danowat.

    Stick to a schedule. Part of your training try to complete the distance or (even 10 miles) even if you have to walk it before the race.

    When there is a will, there is a way..hang in thereimage

  • biggest tip I can give you is to go slow.  dont' even think about speed at this time and go for time on  your feet and don't try too much too soon. You will find on the day that lots of people will be run/walking their way around the course so don't set yourself a huge target for times or running teh whole thing, but train to complete the race.

    make sure you are training at a pace where you can hold a conversation reasonably easily.

  • Yes you can do it!!

    Echo what GingerLoon said - go really slow, then slow down a bit.  Time on your feet is what's important.

    You will naturally go a bit faster on the day, but be careful not to get 'pulled' along too quickly.  With all the excitement and other runners it's easy to get carried away.

    Keep at it & enjoy image

  • Hello! I'm in completely the same situation. I am a complete newbie and am running the Great North Run on October 5th! I'm a couple of weeks into my official training programme and just trying to take it slow and steady.I've progressed from walk / run and I have now managed up to 10 minutes (slow!) running so far and am aiming to do my first 15 mins tomorrow.The main thing I'm finding tough is getting over the psychological barrier that I can actually do this! It's quite tough mentally and emotionally I'm finding! Any support /advice is gratefully received. x
  • Have you got a training plan to work from.  I find that having a piece of paper on the fridge telling me what I'm supposed to be doing gets me over the "I can't do this" problem.  I don't have to think about the end goal, just the next step.
  • Hi Sarah.Personally speaking,I think that a Half-Marathon from scratch in just over 3 months is rather over ambitious.

    If there are any 5K Race For Life events near you,I would try & enter one of those firstly & then possibly a 10K.

    As other people have advised,build up your distances slowly but surely.Dont overdo it,especially if you are carrying a bit of extra bulk around.

    I would also look at employing a Personal Trainer,if you can afford it.

  • Hi there, yes, I have a proper training prgramme and and really just trying to focus on week to week.

    I'm doing a Race for Life 5k on the 20th July and hopefully a 10k beginning September, so have little staging posts to focus on rather than that October date looming big and scarily large in the diary!

    Sarah, I'm sure we can both achieve it by being sensible and being dedicated to a proper programme. Good luck! Keep me updated how you are doing. 

  • You may struggle to run the whole GNR, but that could happen even if you've had plenty of training, just go for it and don't beat yourself up about a time or running all the way.

    I would say ENJOY, at this stage of your running career it's the taking part, and get yourself a PB to aim for next time.

  • Hello.thanks for all advice and im glad there are people in same position, ive definately improved and am currently working towards 10k on 7th September, have also lost half stone so that helps. If you check this post AnsonN7 how did the race for life 5K go?
  • Hey there, I couldn't find my way back to this thread for a while! Sorry for the silence! The 5k went well thanks, but I feel like I haven't improved on it, just gone backwards! trying to pick myself up again and not give up at this stage.
    How are you doing Sarah?
  • Hi

    I too am running the GNR in October. My first HM and I am just forcusing on finishing. I have done a 5k and a 10k this year, and I'm hoping to do another 10k before the end of August . I'M a slow /stop runner.

    So you see there are plently of us all feeling the same. image

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