First Marathon

Which Marathon would be a good one for a first timer other than London? By that I mean good crowd support, not many hills and cheap to get to and stay.
Has anyone done the Minneapolis marathon - do you have to have a qualifying time?
I am not aiming to do one this year, maybe late next year or early 2004.
Thanks, Tiny.


  • Tiny

    My 'Guide to International Marathons' book lists Rotterdam as a maximum 10 out of 10 for first timers. The course profile doesn't look too bad and the crowds are 8 out of 10. Of course its not too far away but far enough to make a good week-end out of it. Its run in April around the same time as FLM so you could follow the same training programmes as everyone else from RW. The website is

    I haven't run it myself so I can't give you any personal info. I have run the Frankfurt marathon twice and that is quite good. Not too difficult with good crowd support in the city centre. Thats held in October. Berlin is also a good one but the organisation wasn't too good I thought.

    Theres always the 'Big One' over in New York though you may be too late for this year as its held at the beginning of November. The last 4 miles are tough too through Central Park but the crowd support the whole course it absolutely fantastic, it really stays in the memory for a long time!!

    Stay away from the Potteries as your first one as its has 'a few hills'. Manchester is a good one but you may not find too much crowd support.

    Whichever one you enter, enjoy every single minute but make sure you follow a structured training programme and above all else - LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!!

    All the best
  • Thanks slaphead

    I am only training for half marathons at the moment and find that hard enough so I am going to take training for a marathon very slowly. I'd love to do New York, and Manchester - as that is my local one, but as I am pretty slow I didn't fancy being way behind everyone at Manchester. I'm going to go and watch it again this year.
    I'll check out the rotterdam site.
    Thanks again,
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