Urbanathlon (Manchester)

Won free entry to this new event in manchester taking place next weekend. Had very little info on it to begin, but as time goes by more and more details are being revealed. Seems it entails jumping over cars, water crossing, ropes, climbing, steps, hay towers etc, etc!!!!! :-/

My number came through this a.m but have not seen much on any running sites about it. Anyone else put there doing it, or can be persuaded to take part and help me get over some of the obstacles!?!!? image


  • How did you win a free entry into it? Sounds like a burglar trying to escape..image
  • Was 1st SF in the first race of the Wedgenock race series image Apparently the first 5 men and women in each of the races win entry. Also got a £10 simply run voucher, was very generous!!

    Know what you mean about the burglar! image

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