Robin Hood Half-Marathon 14th of September

I did my first Half M a couple of weeks ago and just entered this one as my 2nd.  Just being nosey on who's entered?


  • Me, Aitch, LadyP, YorksLass and a whole crowd of others.  There's a social event afterwards too.  Will look for the thread. 
  • Oh, I can't because it's forgotten I'm a subscriber.  Look for the full marathon on the events page and there's a forum thread from that.
  • ooooo social!!!!!......that means beer and stuff ! image
  • MACbMACb ✭✭✭
    I'm doing it, did it last year, my first half and it was a great experience, albeit a hard one!
  • i'm doing the full!
  • I have never done a HM but I am down for Great North Run, would this be a suitable one in warm up for that given its 3 weeks before GNR?
  • Hi Marty and PIOATT - not really sure on what to do when there's another thread already going - so I've been posting on there instead - James I'm sure you can get advice on whether it's suitable or not - sounds like it would be ok though.

    Here's the link.

    Experian Robin Hood Marathon thread

  • Doing this one straight after the Leeds half so hope my training will suffice !!??
  • Im doing it too,its my first half marathon so looking forward to also doing the great eas run in peterborough a month later..hope i get round them both ok..good luck to you.
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