Bike Help ** Please **



  • Thanks for all the help and info everyone, ended up going for the SCR 2.0 2008 in the end.

    Away for the weekend so won't be able to try it out on the open road until after Tuesday.

  • Managed to get out on the new "Shinny One" and had a good first outing on it ( 10 Miles )

    Sooooooooooooooo much faster than my MTB image  and boy does it moooooove.

    It is a lot lighter than i was expecting and not as twitchy considering the width of those tyres ( crickey, not much rubber in contact with the road there )

    Just need a few outings to get the hang of the gearing going up/down the hills ( me thinks i've got a lot to learn here )

    I think this SCR 2  will be a good entry level bike for me to learn the kraft of racing. 

    No excuse now to get out and train. 

    I could put up a pic of the Shinny new thing but that would be just sad image

  • Ohh Cybor! I'd love to see a pic!! I'm going to purchase my new bike after my next pay day and I CAN'T WAIT!!!
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