'Help for Heroes' Honington 10K

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Anyone done this before? It's described as "competitive" which puts me off a little - any thoughts on how friendly it is to non-RAF runners?


  • I shouldn't worry Freemers, the Help For Heroes 6m run in Aldershot a few months back was a very mixed ability road race, winner ran it 30 minutes or so but plenty of runners came in around the hour mark or more.

    The Honington event having inter service competition won't make it any different to any other road race where there is usually inter club rivalry going on. There'll just be a few more RAF, Army and Navy coloured vests around than usual.

    My experience of servce events is of them being run like you'd expect, road closures mean just that and they don't skimp on marshalling and the like. Don't be put off, you'll find them welcoming.

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    Thanks HowFar, I might give it a go then!
  • Sezz and myself did the Help for Heroes Aldershot event too. It was very well organised, there was very good support from the marshalls on the way round and there were runners of all abilities. The only slight problem was that the course was a touch short but, as it was classed as a charity event, who cares. It looks like  the Honington 10K has a UKA permit so the course will be accurate.

    Have fun.

  • I'll probably give it a go (as I live nearby) and I'm looking at around 48min. From the people I've spoken to the 'competitive' bit is just encouraging inter-service rivalry! Pretty large entry for a mid week event.
  • ive just done the RAF Marham 10m and it was one of the best races ive done this year
  • The race is avaible for anyone to enter. Please don't be put of by the competitive tag last year the first runners was 32.28 but the course recordis close to 30mins then the last runner came in at 1hr 20mins.
  • Just out of curiosity, does being an USAF dependent have any bearing on the price of the run??
  • Do all finishers get a medal or is it only the elite few? I know its silly but i'm a sucker for medals. Also is there anywhere to store baggage as if I do it i'll be alone (sniff). Am i likely to get a place if I leave it until the day to enter? image
  • Sorry being a USAF dependant has no baring on the price. There will no be meadels to all but there will be a T-Shirt. For the past few years we had both a meadel and T-Shirt but as it's helping a charity this year we went for what best which hopfully is a T-Shirt sorry. There will be changing rooms and deignated areas to leave baggage while running. There currently just over 200 people entered with the limit 1000 so you will definatly be able to get a number on the day.
  • ooo a t-shirt, even better!! Count me in, I'll be there!!
  • Do we just pitch up at the main gates at the air base? i am hoping to enter on the day if I can get the time off work.

  • There will be sign's for parking and the race HQ will also be there. If you head for the main gate you will see the sign's. It's not on the base itself just outside.
  • Would anyone know where results for this event are posted?
  • If you got to the results page on Athletics weeky, iv put them on there
  • Hi Steve,

    I looked up the results, but I am afraid the link is wrong as it comes up with ''Halton Hills' results. Could you please check this.

    Thanks for well organised race. Registration, race itself and the cakes in the finish...  all were fantastic!

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