Where's Hipps?

Anyone know?


  • She is busy looking for an excuse to be a slow runner now that she is super slim and super fast!!!

    Poor love image

  • She posts status updates on Facebook and I think she is just overwhelmed with work.

  • she hangs around on fetcheveryone now as it is fluffier and more endowed with brackets
  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭
    That's a very good description of Fetch, TMW  image
  • I spoke to her last night on here if we are tallying points
  • Brackets??
  • on the top of Leggs, i think
  • Oh thanks....

  • or below the waist if that helps clear things up image
  • Who Plodding Hippo

    oh she's over on Fetcheveryone .com

    giving everyone a bloody good slap to wake them up

    i exepct that's what most need image

  • she's around, just very busy at the mo and also a bit depressed.
  • Morning

    Succint and to the point IW

    and true

    Life is stupidly busy, lots of driving between Wlaes and the Midlands, lots of work lots of stress

    But this job finishes in just over a week so i will be back to torment you all


  • ((Hipps))
  • Torment?  Oh heck..........    image

  • ...oh NO that would be AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hoorah!  The old place just wasn't the same without you!
  • hi Jiggi

    seems its almost become a triathlon site though

  • yes, a bit. What is the fetch site like?   I'm still on the long slow recovery from injury (18months now) so I feel a little estranged from the full-on running community

  • different feel

    Fairly cliquey at times

    blimey that injury is taking its time jiggi

  • yes, compartment syndrome (or is it?!) can now manage about 2 miles stop/start which is frustrating but loads better than not running at all.  Have lost loads of fitness tho despite cycling and occassional swim

  • oh god, you were at that stage last time i spoke to you

    what a night mare

    hope it resolves soon

  • goota go for a bit


    Nice to see you

  • Thank you.  It is resolving gradually but these things take time.  That said not being able to run has made me do other things like grow vegetables!  Not exactly an endurance sport but therapy none the less!

    Take care and hope life calms cown for you too x

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