I Did It!!!!!!!!!

I acheived a lifetimes ambition yesterday, and completed the FLM.

My time, 6 hrs 52. Not exactly Paula, but I got round which was all I wanted. I'm proud of myself, and pleased to have got around in one piece. I enjoyed every minute (well maybe not the final 30 mins!) The support was fantastic, all the way around, It was a fabulous day. Well done everyone!!!!!!

But FLM, please make sure you have enough water for everyone, us slow coaches probably need it the most.


  • Well done FGS! That's brilliant.

    Gonna do it again?
  • Well done fat girl slim, you've done something most people would never even contemplate.
  • Well done, FGS. And I agree, it's those who are on their feet for 6+ hours, including at the hottest part of the day, who DO need those later water stations, to the extent that it would make sense to open a couple extra after, say, the 4-hour runners have passed.
  • Thanks guys. Am I gonna do it again? I had decided that I couldn't commit to marathon training again, too much time away from the kids. And nothing could top my experience yesterday, I ran in the same race that Paula broke the WR in. But looking through the marathon mag this morning at yesterdays route, and I started to think maybe just maybe!!

    And thank you to Patty who called my name out and spurred me on just after the half way point.
  • FGS,well done,time is irrelevant,you are a marathoner,you have achieved something many others wont even contemplate,once again well done you have earned your rest.
  • He he - you've got the bug FGS!! You'll be signing up for next year before you know it :-)

    Congrats on a fasntastic achievement :-)
  • Congrats FGS, I finished just ahead of you in 6hrs 45. I remember seeing you and Rob Roy over the last few miles. This was my 1st FLM and agree that the support was fantastic and also agree about the water stations!
  • Well done FGS.

    All in all you would have spent almost 8 hours on ypur feet, what with standing around at the start and a bit of fiddling around at the end.

    Remembering my 5hrs 17min last year i understand and appreciate the length of time us slower runners spend on or feet.!!
  • Hi FGS - what were the wearing? I finished about 10 minutes behind you, so probably saw you a fair bit along the way?
  • Congrat's, FGS :-) A great achievement! :-)
  • Congratulations FGS

    My brother-in-law finished his 1st in 6:37

    My friend finished in 6:26

    I fininshed in 4:58:32

    So well done to all us 1st time tortoises
  • Congratulations! I can't wait to do it next year and I won't care if it is dark when I have finished as long as I make it. Well done again!
  • I think FGS should stand for


    Well Done. You sound as high as I am!!!

    No doubt about it. See you in 2004 FLM
  • Well done all
    And to the Mighty Bunzoola too
  • Very slow tortoise,
    I had on a pale blue wateraid vest, but my most feature was my husband who was dressed as a toilet, what were you wearing?

    How did you get on?
  • 5.47
    Sorry, it might be a 10 min pb, but I really trained this time, so gutted
    But wasnt it a great day!!!!!!!!!!
  • Well done, excellent day, and it was hot.
  • Congrats! Well done! Fantastic. it took me a while for it to sink in when I completed my first FLM. Make sure you frame the medal and photo, its a great motivational reminder.
    And...I too am a slow coach! I did my first London Marathon in 2002 and it took me 7hrs 47mins! After having to walk alot of the way with horrible injuries. The next time I did it (2002) I finished in 6hrs 2 mins. Which would have been 5 Hrs 20mins if I had'nt have to stop at St Johns for ages! So next year...Expect it to be easier! Go for it.
  • FGS, my first marathon alongside 2 amazing friends who over 1/2 marathons wipe the floor with me, but over 26.2 we ran together and finished together.....never again I said yesterday...trained SO hard for the sub 5hr and managed 5:39....
    I am ridiculously proud of myself and EVERYONE, especially us 1st timers...
    But is it always that hot!!!

    Well done, you complete star!

    Maybe next year???
  • Well done FSG!! A day to remember hey!!

    Mughal Warrior bows his head in respect.
  • FGS - I was just behind you, in a bright yellow t shirt with Calvert Trust on it. My husband said to tell you to apologise to your husband - apparently at about 24 miles he shouted 'you look a bit flushed'. All credit to your hubby, he did smile, even though he's probably heard it a million times! Well done anyway.
  • Well done all, it was certainly a great day!
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