Triathlon Glossary

Hi guys

We've put together this beginner's  tri glossary to help you out if you're dabbling your toe in triathlon, but would love you to get involved in helping us expand the list.

Maybe there are still terms you want explained, or maybe you're able to help us out with adding definitions of your own - either way please pop your thoughts on this thread and we'll get updating the list in due course.

Thanks for your help. 




  • Sandbagger : One who keeps telling everyone how poorly prepared they are whilst secretly knocking out huge sessions each week - and blitzes the course.

  • Surely:

    Cassette: the multiple sprockets of different sizes attached to your back wheel. the smallest one makes you go fastest for a given cadence, the largest one makes you slowest for a given cadence. The idea is to maintain a constant cadence over different terrain, changing up and down the cassetee as required.

    Chainrings: the two or three large sprockets attached to your cranks. The bigger/est one makes you faster/est for a given cadence. The idea is to maintain constant cadence over different terrain, changing up and down the chainrings as required

    Front derailleur: a device for moving the chain between chainrings

    Rear derailleur: a device for moving the chain between the sprockets of your cassette.

    Chain: the oily bit that connects the chainrings to the cassette.

  • Hollywood: see Sandbagger
  • Bucker - the antithesis of sandbagger

    Gaylord - general curry house based insult 

  • Piddletrenthide: The stained, wrinkled foot skin of an ironman/woman who does not get off their velocipede in order to micturate during an ironman event.
  • Schmutter: A mixture of gel, sweat, bannana, phlegm and malt loaf that encrusts the chest of a ironman towards the end of the run stage of an ironman event.
  • Thought we'd already done this..?
  • we did - but for the thread, not for RW Towers.
  • the 4th discipline - nutrition.
  • Correction...... the 4th discipline - shopping
  • Ah - I stand corrected! I thought the 4th was sleeping?
  • Not according to SL and Zuppy!!!!!!
  • ouch! It wasn't us, it was some american guy debbo introduced us to!
  • There is an excellent Q&A thatHollywood put together on Fetch, can someone post a link?
  • RW, if you're going to put a glossary on the front page of the website then I think you should try to get it 100% correct.

    Cassette - I'm not sure you can describe a cassette as a "gear selection system".  It's part of the gear system but I think you could have come up with a better description.

    Clip-in pedals - Do you mean "clipless pedals"?

    Derailleur - This is simply the device that allows you to change gear.  It's not "a system a variable ratio gears".

  • hands up all the non-ponces who also noticed that image
  • I noticed and I'm a totally muppet when it comes to bikes!  image

    Stopped reading at about k as it didn't seem to be a good use of time.....

  • that hamster bloke spotted it in post 3...damn smart, he is image
  • thought sprint events were 400m swim?

     And toeclips and clipless pedals for that are also there to allow the rider to pull up on the pedal during the back part of the stroke (ahem) giving more power and a smoother delivery.

  • I think sprints go up to 750m Calf.  Distance can vary....... (although I haven't checked the BT rules).
  • a few ommissions:

    HTFU.... something to do with hardening up - often said to wibblers

    JFDI.... Just F'ing Do It.... also said to wibblers

    PTP (Pirate Training Plan) - Swim a bit, Run a bit, Bike a lot.  I htink Candy may have coined the phrase.


  • they do PSC but I didn't think they were as short as 400 yards?????
  • those are super-sprints
  • Bike ponce - see Calf

    Sprints at pools are typically 400m but 750 for OW's

    Schmutter - should include puke you do on yourself when you sit in the IM portaloo

    Flop- failed attempt at post race congress 

    Dog with two d**ks - successful version of above 

  • Sorry but I find this type of thread very offensive!!!!
  • Personally I find super-sprints demeaning to normal sprints.

  • "Mister W" - A phrase used to describe behaviour that is both pedantic and anally retentive
  • i should probably have included a smiley there somewhere, i wouldnt want to make anyone cry image
  • Sandbagging - understating your abilities with the intent on gaining social acceptance to the forum ethos of not doing any training.

    Training - Something to be done as infrequently as possible.

    Swimming - See training

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