Great Langdale Half-Marathon

there's no entry form or cost details etc. on the website yet. Does anybody have the details yet?


  • .....its normally about £16-18 i think for the full a little less for the half. Fairly big field for the half.....tiny fo rthe full!

    Wonderful race, very friendly atmosphere.....good organisation, but hard as nails....especially the last descent!

  • The entry form is now on the website

  • I heard a rumour recently that, just for a laugh, Rod is considering reversing the route this year - don't know if there's any truth in that (and the map on the website indicates going the 'normal' way round) but the start would be a hell of a challenge if he did.

    I'm still wavering as to whether I want to put myself through this again this year.

    Nick - before you start - I was planning to do the full this year until I injured my back in April (before I could do a spring marathon as a warm up) and I'm still gently working my way back to fitness - there is no way I will be fit for a marathon in September, least of all this one.

  • Got my number today, along with a letter from Rod.

     'The course will run in an anti-clockwise deirection, not for masochistic reasons, but to make it safer to marshall'

  • Here's a map of the course - not quite perfect as I am missing 3/4 of a mile!?

    Hope to see you there!

  • Thre'll be lots of people walking that second mile!! though a fairly flat last 3 miles might compensate for it.

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