Would you recommend milk for refueling after a run? It has sugars protein. There must be a catch!


  • Yeah a milkshake is pretty similar to a recovery drink really.

    I also reccomend food. Mmmm.
  • I love the forgoodnessshakes milkshakes especially banana and chocolate - you can get a free sample from their website
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    A two pint thingy of skimmed milk is perfect after a long run, and cheaper than shakes, without the additives. It's especially good if long runs take away your appetite.

    (I think skimmed milk is a waste of space for anything else, though).

  • Yes; I'm a big fan of milk, and also of choccy Forgoodnessshakes, like B.  The latter is pretty calorific, though (if you drink the whole thing!) so I save that for my LSR recovery drink.  Other than that, it's semi-skimmed or chocolate milk.image
  • Chocolate milk is an ace recovery drink.
  • Milk has close to 4 grammes of protein per 100mls, and skimmed milk has the most protein. The body also holds water in milk better than water alone, in fact it's just as good as lucozade as an isotonic drink, except in strengthens your teeth rather than rots them!
  • I use milk after run. Its good to add a chopped banana and a bit of ground cinnimon and blitz in a blender.  
  • I'm sold. It will be a large glass of milk after my run tomorrow moring!
  • I oftern freeze my bananas and take one out and add to milk before a run. Which is usually every other day for at least 10 miles and no less than 6 on a tired day.

    I usually use Cravendale fully skimmed milk as I think it tastes like semi skimmed normal milk.

    I am  wondering if it has the same amount of goodness as full cream milk.

    Ive also started having Lattees instead of just normal coffee's while out and Im a bit worried it might put on weight.

    But on the other hand Im hoping it helps my bones and muscles that I have problems with due to injuries from time to time.

    Am I doing something worth doing or just wasting my time.?

  • Love it, especially Galaxy Creamy chocolate milk.  Even the ones that aren't marketed as sports drinks tend to be fortified with vitamins, so with the carbs, protein and calcium (and excellent hydration properties as pointed out by Westley) you can't go wrong.
  • I whizz up milk with banana, drinking chocolate and a dab of peanut butter for recovery drinks. Excellent post long run as like joddy says LSRs can take away your appetite for food
  • *makes mental note to let Ladyfe sort her post recovery drinkies*

    Allergic to milk and nuts! image

    Mr LB likes For Goodness Shakes too......image

  • Mars milk drink is ace. Nice warm after a long, cold run.
  • Thats tough LB!   I guess you could have the choc and banana...with juice!
  • image

    Now you're talking!

  • milk or any milky drinks make me image - I find the best recovery drink is a big mug of tea - with a bacon sarnie image

  • Thankyou for all your help.

    At 7am this morning I was eating Porridge made with milk not water.

    Then at 10am I did the Brighton 10k at my PB of 57.43 with a break to take my jacket off, plus a break to stretch my left leg due to a twinge.

    That was then followed by a nice hot Lattee. I think Ive had my milk quota for the day lol image

  • I use the over ripe bananas for my milk shake. They blend easier and are so much sweeter.

    Don't bin em, blend themimage

  • Sutton Runner wrote (see)

    Don't bin em, blend themimage

    Mmmm... I can just picture this on a T-shirt - a take on Warhols Velvet Underground/Nico album cover...


  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Got to sing the praises of skimmed milk, perfect recovery drink.

    It's my choice of drink anyway to be honest

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    An old thread resurected but hey ho. I'm a fan of cold milk - 1% after a run and def a fan of overipe banans. Use them in smoothies and for cooking. Don't like underipe banans at all, they is revolting and cloying on the teeth. yucky yuck yuck yuck.

    Rachels milk is the best - where I used to live the farm milk was better than any milk I've ever had, where I live now the farm milk is ok but just milk.

  • I like soy milk, the not sugary kind. Good with some drinking chocolate mixed in too, yum!
  • Milk is a good option after a long run. It will be much better if yoy are taking milk with some fruit like with banana as a banana shake. It provides instatant energy to your body.
  • Just got back from a 13 mile run, first thing I do is have a glass of cold milk!

     I do have some over ripe bananas maybe Ill try them after the next run.

  • milk's the man!!!
  • after a long run i sometimes add nesquick to it, chocolate image
  • Must admit that after a workout I often have a glass or two of milk with a banana as well.
  • I was told by two ladies in my running club about milk post run. They were on their 16week marathon traing cycle. I asked them if they are out 5 or 6days a week at the training peak, how come their legs didnt ache next day.


    I usually have 2 pints over the space of an hour after training. Rehydrates, builds muscle, stops you munching on bad things, and tastes damn good.

  • What Mr Marshall said.

    There was a Radio 4 programme on last week about the usefulness of protein drinks and a gym instructor was interviewed. He said they were all basically useless, unless you where doing some serious training a couple of times a day.

    Better off with milk or mini pork pies. 

  • I usually have a couple of pints after a run a Wednesday evening, but it ain't milk.

    I do like a banana, chocolate, honey & whey protein milk shake after a longer run, and before a long soak in the tub.

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