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So I never got around to going to any residential music festivals when I was younger (unless you count Chicago Blues Festival - but I think many would consider a transatlantic flight and a decent hotel to be cheating!!)

Love live music though, and my kids (now 3 and 5) seem to have inherited that.

Recently reminded, on another thread on here, of how excellent Dreadzone are and see they are playing the Endorsit Festival in Dorset and also Solfest in Cumbria this year.

Both look to be great musical line ups, and boast child friendly options.

Has anybody had any experience of music festivals with kids, (and in particular either of these two?)


  • essential

    hippytastic but don't let that put you off.

    fun, intimate, lovely setting and lots of......mead! image

    and i'll be there of course image

  • Festivals are great...  but kids that young will be a challenge..  you need good weather, or they will suffer a sense of humour transplant, and they won't like the crowds....

    Sitting a bit further back on a hill is great for an adult, but won't the novelty wear off for a child..?

    Kids love live music..  mine do too.. we have a very musical house and they are exposed to music all the time... but..  even my kids (aged 4 and 6) wouldn't like a festival...  the local park has some events with a few live bands during the summer and they like that....  but then they want to run off and play on the swings....

    Nice idea though... image

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    I've been to Womad in the past, and it is good for the kids. Great atmosphere, laid-back crowd of all ages and generations. Unfortunately they've moved it out of Reading now so I don't go anymore.
  • Cheers guys,

    tis a difficult one. Loads of families seem to go to some of the festivals, and there are clearly loads of things set up for the kids to do at many.

    On the other hand, £100 to get in, to then find that they absolutely hate it, would be a bit of a set back. Plus whilst I would be happy to extend their bed times for the duration, as their only parent present I would definitely miss out on alot of things I'd otherwise like to see.


  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    I agree with Muttley. I took my two to Womad twice and they loved it. Very safe and child-friendly. Again, only went to it when in  Reading, don't know if it would be the same now.
  • End of the Road festival is another good one.

    Haven't been myself, but various members of my family have and loved it - quite small, very friendly, beautiful surroundings and very family-orientated.

  • wychwood is super child friendly - family camping, loads of childrens activities and stuff. Actually I kind of wish i had adopted a child for the weekend!

    Cambridge folk is also really good fun - with kids or without. Smashing little festival with some wonderful music as long as you aren't averse to a bit of quality fiddle playing! This year features the Levellers, Billy Bragg and Seth Lakeman....,but I think its sold out.

  • Birdypie

    Wychwood is just down the motorway from me. but I think it has happened already this year hasn't it?

    May look at it for next year...

  • Yeah its v early - usually in May. Tickets probably already on sale though. It doesn't usually sell out anyway but you get cheaper entry if you buy early. Its v well organised, nice camping....if a bit odd being in the middle of the race course but we really enjoyed it.
  • kamoshikakamoshika ✭✭✭
    We're taking our little one (6 months old - eek!) to Beautiful Days next month. Supposed to be really child friendly, so fingers crossed. We live only 30 mins away on the bus, so can escape home if the weather's rubbish or the camping doesn't work out. We've got friends coming with us whose baby will be not quite 2 months - now that's brave!
  • graham

    I reckon it might be easier with kids that young - still fairly indiscriminate -  if they're tired they'll sleep anywhere, and if not they'll scream anywhere!

    line up looks good for that one too - am mildy intrigued what a band calling themselves Dennis Hopper's Choppers sound like though!!

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