Almost 10K

Today, I decided to run 10K - to make sure I can do it before I do a 10K race.  I was expecting to have to walk but I just kept slowing the pace down (slower than slow walking) and had a great run.  

I'd decided to walk the last bit back to my flat so that I had a chance to cool down and loosen the legs a bit but thought I'd mapped out a route that didn't allow for any cheating (the Thames in the middle means no short cuts)   

 I ran 9.48 according to mapmyrun.  Still at least I know I can do it and feel pretty good as well. 


  • That's certainly good enough, you will have no problems.  Were you pleased with the time?
  • You will be fine.

    My furthest training run for a recent 10k was 8km and I knew it was enough. On the day with all the other runners it will be much easier.

    Well done on your run and enjoy your race.


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